3 thoughts on “The Globalists want you to starve yourself to death …”

  1. This reminds me of the old European folk-tale of “Stone soup”, obviously inspired in a time of famine.

  2. China is controlled by Satan. Look at their fully implemented Mark Of The Beast system.
    They don’t even seem to realise that they live in a open prison camp..
    That’s what you get as a clueless Atheist and false religion believer.

    1. To my knowledge, Chinese cannot be arrested for silent prayer outside abortuaries, as in UK and now or soon, Ireland – see https://www.fromrome.info/2023/06/27/ireland-the-marxist-gulag-is-extending-its-borders/
      They may be arrested on some other pretext, admittedly.
      Chinese are well known for circumventing the system with coded language based on homonyms and humour, for example.
      Read, for example, Pew research on religion in China. Atheism is in decline.

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