Who replaced the real Sr. Lucy Santos, with the Fake Changeling?

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15 thoughts on “Who replaced the real Sr. Lucy Santos, with the Fake Changeling?”

  1. Brother, you need to correct your statement at the 4min mark about E Michael Jones, because he published the first edition of the very book you claimed he ignored. This was a shoddy summary at best.

    You don’t have to agree with EMJ, but making a claim like that completely undermines your statements on Sr Lúcia.

    That was not necessary, you need to set an example if you’re going to be operating a media organization.


    1. You are taking my passing comment completely out of context and exaggerating it beyond all reasonable limits. I simply stated and I mean, that whereas he knew of the book — he wrote a book review — he never acted on the facts, and goes on an on blaming the Jews, when the problem is the CIA and Skull and Bones. A Catholic would react by working to inform the Curia and restore the Church, not running off to Moscow or Tehran. He thus never really learned anything from the book, as he remains caught up in the Narrative promoted by Skull and Bones, that the Jews are the cause of all the problems on earth, which is a misinformation campaign to cover their own collaboration with the Rothschilds and Illuminati.

      If you are going to publish something, to make a buck, and then ignore its contents, you are not acting rightly. So my comment has nothing in it of defect.

      1. I always admired Dr. E. Michael Jones for his erudition and his remaining a Catholic in this difficult times. I do have some reservations though. When he visited Argentina he was in touch with some fringe groups and swallowed their poison. I have heard him say (see YooToobe) that Gen. Perón was a defender of the faith and Catholic social doctrine. Let’s see if that is true: poverty was less than 2% in 1946, successive Peronist governments turned that situation into today’s 50% poverty rate (and growing!) Young Perón was (as a widower) frequenting women of the theater, the burlesque, cabarets, etc. Cohabitated publicly with Eva Duarte a long time before marrying her. When Eva died, he took young teenagers as lovers, one of them became his mistress before even turning 15. We know now that he ordered the firebombing of Buenos Aires’ Catholic churches. I heard him say back in the seventies: “My greatest mistake was to confront the Catholic Church!” I could go on and on. Dr. Jones is a good man but there is something wrong with someone who thinks Perón was a Catholic leader. Since I heard Dr. Jones preach that Perón was a Catholic leader … I don’t think that highly of him anymore.

      2. Peron was a CIA, Skull and Bones asset. But those inclined to think the Right is the savior and not Christ fall as easily as those who think the Left admire men like Castro, who was a catholic, but a very bad one.

      3. Yes. Perón was an aproned MI6/CIA asset. That grows naturally from seeing his actions. He made sure that Argentina would never grow back to the 1886-1916 economic prosperity and military strength. Too dangerous for the club.
        Unfortunately he seduced the people so well that even today many of them would give their life for the man who sold them into oppression.

    2. Jones is another too-little-too-late yack-tavist who thinks yapping is fruitful. And what is EMJ’s profitable hobby horse? Jews. So Jew-itude is E.M.J.’s specialite de maison, the specialty of the house. But Jones does NOT address the issue of “THEY SAY THEY ARE JEWS AND ARE NOT.” By extension Jones does NOT address the issue of “THEY SAY THEY ARE CATHOLICS AND ARE NOT.” Jones does NOT publicize THE COUNCIL OF FOUR LANDS where real Jews kicked out imposter-infiltrator “wife-swapping Jews” by the millions. No mention of “Frankist Jews” imitating Jews over the centuries, and that is because with that horse face identical to Semite John Kerry–not Jewish but Semite like the persecutors of Abraham in Genesis 15–Jones is one of ’em. Crypto-Semite Satanista. Do the tell-all on CIA flunky (w/William F. Buckley) Crypto-Semite Satanista Malachi Brendan Martin and change your eternal destiny, Jones. CIA agent Martin is most likely to have effected the infiltration of the Coimbra Carmel with the tranny imposter Sr. Lucy2. http://www.sisterlucytruth.com

  2. Even Mr. Wemhoff split with E. Michael Jones for ignoring it and re-published it on his own with more information in the new two volume set that I held up volume 1. Yes, we know Jones published the first edition, we bought it, then when we knew Mr. Wemhoff split with Jones, we got the 2 volume set and received permission from Mr. Wemhoff on using the material.

  3. I understand your position, all EMJ does is book reviews, he’s a PHD of literature, not a Marketer. Wemhoff split because of royalties & marketing funds.

    The Anglo-American establishment has it’s tentacles all over what used to be the British Empire, and is today the American Empire, call them CIA, S&B, ADL, Mossad, and all have 1 common enemy, the Church. They’re all antichrists.

    I actually disagree with EMJ on Russia, but can see why American Catholics gravitate to that temporal ideology after being beaten over & over with the Americanism Baton.

    I agree with EMJ that radical Protestants like the Puritans were Judiazers, who fulfilled their mission in constructing their liberal utopia (America) as a result of the so called reformation (Church Revolution). Today, Americans still circumcise their infant sons but don’t baptize them, they do whatever it takes to protect the jewish leadership (especially the Zionists & Communists), just because the Nazi’s developed a process on how to shrink jewish heads & make lampshades of jewish skin (as terrible as that is), jews have been and continue to be guilty of choosing Barabbas over Christ, like St Peter said in Acts 2:36.

    The New Testament offers us two enemies of Christ & His Church, those in Jewish Sects and Judaizers. Has anything changed?

    The best thing EMJ does is deflate the racial supremacists on both the “white” and jewish radical sides. This is important for the future of America, because as we got a little glimpse with Kanye West, African Americans are angry at the tribe, and if they find their common enemy with the white supremacists, we have a problem on our hands in America.

    Will Herberg wrote that America was made of 3 ethnic groups, Protestants, Catholics, and Jews. Orestes Brownson believed that Protestantism passed through three stages. The first was when the power of the state promoted and controlled the emerging religions. Secondly, after the rejection of temporal authority faithful congregations formulated their own beliefs and practices. Unrestrained individualism lastly takes hold and Protestantism descends into a morass of conflicting sects where popular will, interest, and vanity—rather than divine will—prevails. After this intellectual and personal journey, Brownson discovered Rome.

    That leaves us with where we are today, Christians and Antichristians.

    Thank you for all the work you do, God Bless.

  4. David Gelernter’s book Americanism; the fourth great religion, will give you a better understanding of the Author’s superior mind over his Protestant counterparts, who are delusional with believing they’re Christian and/or members of the Church Christ founded. Gelernter does this by simply using antichrist “black legend” propaganda, which will never be canceled, never be removed from online, and will make the public school textbooks.

    What would Gelernter & Protestants have in common? Haters of the Church, and the Culture the Church attempts to foster.

  5. Someone much smarter than I once said, that history may not repeat, but it sure does harmonize.(paraphrasing).

    As we ignore EMJ’s research, we are allowing the brewing of racialists. Madison Grant advocates, which will bring about the German 1930s all over again, but this time, in America.

    Here’s the beginning in the following link – these people will never invite EMJ into a conversation, because he suggests they convert to the Catholic Faith and stop being racists.


    No one is perfect, but we all should do our part in defending the Faith to the “real” gentiles, as St Thomas Aquinas referred to them.

    1. Racism is the game of the Skull and Bones lodges to break now loyalties to national unity or Christian faith.

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