7 thoughts on “France is becoming Afghanistan, says Female victim of Islamic violence”

  1. The same happened in Libanon in the70ties.
    And msm keeps on saying “explosion” , and, in fact they are bombings.
    Before the 80ties there weren’t this much “explotions” in Europe.
    It is the “religion of peace” talking.

  2. Majority of Europeans choose having no kids, so it was predictable, and as we can clearly see, violence and conflicts suit global agenda of depopulation. We will be „forced”, one way or another, to fight for surviving or die in the process, wchich works for g—l—o—b-a,,l—i,,s—t..s

  3. Go to Sweden, and explore most of it’s bigger cities, and you will understand why they call it Swedenistan. You can see stores with just arabic writing on the store signs. How is that even acceptable?
    Where do these “poor” asylum seekers get money to buy mini marts?
    Last taxi ride I took in Stockholm years ago , the arab driver (which most taxi drivers are now) even tried to rip me off, though it was a set price. I got angry and showed him we are not all weak. Most Swedes are to weak, and just sit and watch, while their incompetent, and weak leaders, run the country into the abyss.
    Here’s another unique thing to that. country.
    They actually put every single citizens personal details and. info online. From 16 years old and up, all your info is available on hundreds of websites, most are free, but if you pay a fee, you can even see passports, individuals income, and more. Even the Swedish tax office, has a company called SPAR, who sells every citizens info to a third party. This is because of a loophole in the law, which is then used by mostly criminals, who own and run the sites, and selling your info. They don’t seem to have any interest in changing laws to protect their citizens, or patching any loopholes. Between 300-500.000 people are victims of financial fraud or identity theft every year. Imagine if you have enemies, and one day they are outside your door. Nice country, ey?
    They also have something called Bank-ID for your smart phone. You put all your personal info in there to use it with all online services and shopping. They just now added the option to add your ID-Card.
    If you go to their government controlled liquor stores, they also scan your ID card, or drivers licence, when they check it. Why do they do that? See where it’s all heading?
    They still try to fool you or sell you the image of a country that is long gone.
    As a swede, let me give you this advice, if you are actually thinking about moving there: DO NOT EVER LIVE, WORK ,STUDY, OR MOVE THERE!

    God less!

    1. It seems these men of the desert can’t swim, so the best escape is to cross the seas.

      Though I assume most of the globalists might be having yachts in the sea and are just watching the invasion from Europe from the sea.

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