USA: Crusading Padre imprisoned for saving Children’s lives

Editor’s Note: It it the greatest consolation to me to read the news about this crusading Padre and fellow Friar in the USA. As soon as it is publicly known to which prison the Federal Judge sent him, I urge in the strongest terms that Catholics petition the Warden of the prison to give him full liberty to conduct a prison apostolate, since a priest like this is exactly whom prisoners need to hear from. The Federal Judge thinks he is going to “teach Father a lesson”; he is in for a big surprise. May the example of this Padre inspire a generation of Catholics against unjust laws!

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2 thoughts on “USA: Crusading Padre imprisoned for saving Children’s lives”

  1. To their surprise, the fellow inmates were also imprisoned because they fought against the abortion culture and not following the covid agenda publicly. Just like the old lady who tried to visit the prisoners and do a corporal work of Mercy.

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