In July, a New anti-Globalist Social Media Platform to rival Twitter

Exclusive Report by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

You heard it first, here, on

In just a few days, there will be launched a new social media platform to rival twitter. Backed by a venture capitalist worth hundreds of millions, and with his personal expertise in all things Big Tech, the new platform will be free from Globalist censorship controls like the CCP System recently exposed at Twitter.

It will also be the first platform not founded by an intel agency or freemason, as far as I know.

I have the privilege as a journalist to be one of the few outside the new company with access to news about the platform.

For a few more days, I am under embargo and can say no more. But my hopes for true free expression on social media, to expose the Globalist Agenda, are mightily raised by what I know about it already.

A lot of work goes into a social media platform. I should know, since as President of Ordo Militaris Inc., we launched our own social media platform 2 years ago. We never had the capital to do more than propose a working model, and Catholics never backed it.

So it is encouraging that this self-made man, who is a genius in technology and markets, has seen the opportunity such a venture affords and has put his know how and financing behind it.

In the mean time, over at Twitter, the Algerian Weffer CEO is tomb-stoning* all the conservatives, in an attempt to make the platform more appealing to left-wing corporate advertisers.

Is she in for a big surprise.


** Tomb-stoning is the term inside Twitter’s code, which labels an account as not to be tolerated. While its content is not hidden, not even its followers see its tweets. Tomb-stoned account have their content seen by as little as 0.1% of their followers.

ROME: Major Civil Engineering projects around Vatican to prepare for Jubilee 2025 A. D.

Editor’s Note: There will be additional parking and underpasses, beneath the pavement just outside the Vatican, and 1 km of street-car rail line connecting the Station of St. Peter’s to the Vatican City precincts, to facilitate handicapped access. This will be a multi year project and cause headaches of traffic for the coming years. To avoid them, arrive at the Vatican from the North Side, along the Piazza del Risorgimento.

RUSSIA: Putin addresses the nation after the Coup attempt

Editor’s Note: From now on, will call the nation, Russia, not the Russian Federation, since that is what Putin calls it. Here Putin praises everyone possible as a cover for his running away from his chef. The real reason for the quick negotiation was most likely that Prigozhin’s men had captured the nuclear-warhead storage facility in Voronezh, and thus acquire the trump card. Russia was saved from civil war, by a compromise. Who gets into power after this, is not yet clear, but both men will step aside.

Dr. Martin’s address on the Scamdemic, to members of the EU Parliament

Editor’s Note: Understand what Dr. Martin says regarding how the Narrative of the Scamdemic was developed. Because there is no evidence any such virus has ever existed — in fact, in only exists in silico, in models on computer.

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Prigozhin is hailed as a national hero by war-weary Russians, Dyumin to succeed Shoigu?

Italy’s Foreign Minister comments on recent events in Russia: