USA: New CDC Director ominously warns of next Pandemic “within weeks, month”?

Editor’s Note: This could be it, folks. As Dr. Rashid Buttar warned in May of this year, the Globalists are planning to launch another Plandemic. He said it would be within a few months. August would be the third month.

This statement by Mrs. Cohen, the new CDC director, that in the next few weeks, month, “We will hear more” about Covid “Vaccines” thus must be construed in the most ominous manner possible, as a perhaps covert warning of the launch of the next Scam.

Pay much more attention to this short news story, than anything I have written about when it might take place. After all, these Mass Murdering Globalists are always true to their words.

Executive at Moderna admits they knew the Pandemic would be launched year before

When they admit these things, we should share the information with all the politicians in our region. No comment is necessary to prove the fraud.

Though part of what she says is a lie, since Moderna was only one of the companies which packaged the DeathVaxx under its name. It was manufactured in bulk by U.S. Department of Defense contractors.


By Br. Alexis Bugnolo

There is only one place in all of Poland, where the Church has approved and recognized that Our Lady has appeared. That is the village of Gietrzwałd, in northeastern Poland, along the ancient borders with Prussia.

It was here in 1877, that Our Lady appeared to two little girls, Stanisława Samulowska and Justyna Szafryńska, and asked them to pray the Rosary. It was the first apparition in history where the Blessed Virgin spoke the Polish language, and it subsequently sparked a movement of nationalistic fervor in those lands, which at that time, due to the passage of the Kingdom of Prussia into the German Empire, were under German control. The village passed to the dominion of Poland after Prussia was divided between Poland and the U.S.S.R. some 60 years later.

The apparitions of Our Lady at Gietrzwałd were declared authentic in 1977, on the 100th anniversary of their occurrence, and they remain central in importance to the Catholic identity of the Polish Nation.

This is why there is now national outrage that the Germany supermarket chain, Lidl, which is present throughout Europe, is attempting to destroy the historic and religious character of this village which is now the national shrine of Our Lady Queen of Poland, at the Basilica of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin.

LIDL says that they require another distribution center in this NE corner of Poland and that their huge facility is just what the village needs for economic development.

Local leaders say otherwise. That the facility will overtax the roads with traffic and destroy the historic and religious character of this ancient Polish town which has the most unique ties between Heaven and the Polish people. That, LIDl a German company is attempting thereby to attack the national and religious character of the Polish people, just as many companies of Germany do in Poland by funding far left anti-Catholic groups and buying support though salaries offered to local workers.

Some locals have gone so far as to claim that LIDL is involved in a demonic attack against the Shrine of Our Lady Queen of Poland.

As one journalist remarked:

“Just a few weeks ago, it seemed that ruthless efforts to do business in Gietrzwałd would not encounter social resistance, and LIDL’s gigantic distribution center combined with waste disposal installations would completely and irreversibly devastate the surroundings of the Sanctuary.

“Let me remind you: we are not talking about a shop. We are talking about a gigantic distribution center: 41 hectares in size for the investment, including a 7 ha hall (440 m x 153 m and a height of 24 meters), over 9 ha of hardened surface, ventilation devices higher than the church tower (of the National Basilica of Our Lady), dominating the landscape of Gietrzwałd. This is how it would look like.”

Their complaints seem entirely based, because of the tiny population of the village – only 585 – and the obvious incapacity of the road system and environment to sustain such a large distribution center.

In response, the people organized and got the County Board to annul the permit for construction on the ground that it had been granted without a consultation of the local inhabitants and without a impact study on the locale culture.

LIDL is now appealing the ruling in court.

For their part, there are many Catholics of Poland who are calling on their brothers in the faith throughout Europe to boycott LIDL throughout Europe for this outrage against the Mother of God, Queen of Poland.

I am participating in this boycott.

I suggest you write a letter of protest and present it to the store manager in your own town, citing these above mentioned events, and declaring you will purchase no more products at their stores until LIDL ceases and desists with its project in Gietrzwałd, Poland.

Bergoglio, Heresy, and the Faux-opposition

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

As the years go by, the fake opposition descends to lower and lower moral levels, and most of the time I ignore them, but they have recently stooped to a point of such infamy, that I have to post at least a comment and rip their masks off.

They are claiming that I cannot see or that I refuse to see that Jorge Mario Bergoglio is a heretic or heretical.

Yet, it was on these very pages in 2015, that I was one of the first to call him out for heresy in denying the Divine approbation for capital punishment.

Back then the so called opposition sneared, barked and defamed me for my judgement. (You see, they are all closet socialists and so are against capital punishment).

Now they say I am dishonest in claiming that Berogoglio is not a heretic.

But I never claimed such a thing. It was they who claimed that 8 years ago, and did not flip on their position until recently, say, after January 30th, because, the truth is that they hate the papal office and love lying and mendacity.

That is why I am the only one to call for a provincial council to rebuke the man. And why no one has taken any action in that regard other than some of my readers who have written letters.

The thing is, being a Catholic, and not like these grifters of souls, I recognize that whereas with my private judgement I discern heresy in the man, I have no authority to declare him such, nor the charism to discern whether he be pertinacious in his heresy, such that he fall under the penalty of ipso facto excommunication in canon 1364, which summarizes succinctly the ancient discipline.

Only the Bishops in a legitimate council acting together have such a charism and such an authority.

But my opponents all think they do, whenever they say more rosaries than their neighbor in a single day. (Sarcasm).

FEATURED IMAGE: is Zubaran’s, Bl. Urban II calls St. Bruno to Rome, 1655, which depicts a meeting which probably never happened because during his pontificate Blessed Urban II, who called the First Crusade, and whose feast day is today July 29th, was rarely in Rome, and St. Bruno the founder of the Carthusians, if he met Bl. Urban II, it was at the Council of Brindisi in 1091. No disrespect is being shown to the Blessed Pope, because this painting was executed by Zubaran 28 years after St. Bruno’s canonization Feb. 17, 1623 by Pope Gregory XVI, but Bl. Urban II was not beatified until July 14, 1881 by Pope Leo XIII, and thus lacks the aureole.


FRANCE to take a hard right into Police Dictatorship

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The news from France is dire, and it is this: that instead of expelling the tens of thousands of Muslim rioters, the Government is considering granting the police complete immunity from being named in public, even in press reports, regardless of whether their behavior is lawful or criminal, and that there will be special secret courts which will try policemen for infractions and crimes.

This means that the French Intelligence Services can now populate the streets with provocateurs, and practically guarantee that they can commit any crime whatsoever with impunity, while journalists will be hauled into court for identifying them.

My recommendation to tourists is skip France, it is a failed state.

This new relationship between the Police and the State is allegedly at the request of the Police Unions, according to this pro-police Twitter / Telegram account:

How the trust you give Globalists, guarantees your enslavement

Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Marquee, seen in the video above, paints a very dark and critical view of the modernist globalist system of control. As an anthropologist, I can agree a lot with his analysis which, I summarizes as, “The truth you are putting in globalist systems of control guarantees your enslavement”.

However, the solution he does not present.

Yes, we cannot wait for a leader who can be corrupted. But we have a leader who cannot be corrupted: Jesus Christ. And yes, we need to get over any misconception that we should obey godless men.

However, while it is true we continue to obey by participating in their fake economy and fake money, we can make decisions to move out of this, but this will take common effort.

It will begin when folk begin to accept the sale of goods for something other than fiat money, when individuals begin founding economic initiatives which provide food, housing and clothing,  transport etc., independently from controlled means.

For we only trust Globalist institutions, because we fail to create alternate systems of human trust, which we can prefer to theirs. So in a way, we are all at fault, for preferring convenience over trustworthiness. The quick easy solution offered by the serpent in the garden is, after all, still a lesson we need to take heed of.

All of this doe mean fighting for “smaller government”, but it also means starting Christian initiatives. And this is the crux of the problem, because Christians, and especially Catholics, have failed to nurture critical thinking, analysis and those other skills and virtues of character which would keep them from following their bought-and-paid leadership into hell.

And all of this begins, not by trusting people you do not know, but by finding among those you already know, persons worthy of trust, and encouraging in them the development of these skills.

By the grace of God, AJ Baalman and I were inspired to do just that, nearly 7 years ago: to found a Catholic security initiative, which would build internationally a parallel system to provide security, assistance, protection, etc. without support from NGOs and governments. It was a prophetic grace, so much needed, and so much ahead of its time. Catholics need to make similar initiatives, trusting, that the Lord will bless you, if you serve Him and His people!

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For more about Ordo Miltiaris Catholicus’ (OMC) Security goals for Europe, see here.

VATICAN: Court asked 7+ years jail and confiscation of 14 milllion euros for Becciu

Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

With the theatre of corruption which is the daily news from the Vatican, one has to pause sometime and laugh, which is what you may do when you read the former cardinal’s protestations that he has always worked for the Church and never robbed a penny, followed by the prosecuting attorney’s request that the perp’s 11 million euro be confiscated.

And yes, an honest Cardinal would not have 14 million of euro in his personal bank account, because as a man of God he must have surely heard the Gospel on the works of mercy, at least once in his lifetime.

ISRAEL: Zionists conducting a mini-war to steal Christian Monastery

ITALY: Monastery for sale

Editor’s Note: I am often asked what it would cost to purchase a monastery. But rarely does one come on the market, as now, which makes it hard to name a price. Many religious communities are being run out of existence by staff members of Pope Francis who are trying desperately to raise enough money for the balance sheet of the Vatican, which has declined steadily since 2013. — Here is a case in which the monastery was previously a hotel, not a convent: many images to contemplate.

USA: Bishop confronted by George Neumayr days before his suspicious death, was FBI informant

Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Weeks before his suspicious death, I personally warned the crusading Catholic investigative reporter, George Neumayr not to bang on the doors of Catholic Bishops in the USA, because they are a Mafia with ties in the Deep State, and they can get their friends to have you murdered, if you get in their faces.

He did not take my counsel.

Weeks later, George Neumayr was dead.

While many have speculated about the cause of his death, as AJ and I did in our report about this; I now believe the State Department was implicated in arranging his assassination by means of anti-body priming. For though he got all the necessary vaccines for his trip to Africa, upon arriving at the airport in the USA, he was told they were not valid and he would have to get them again, all at once. Thus when he arrived in Africa his immune system was shot, and in that state it over reacted to being exposed to malaria, which is endemic there. He was dead some 3-4 days later.

Others speculate he was poisoned at a Restaurant he frequented, going so far as to publicly identify the place in his social media posts, a thing which possibly invited mischief.

Well, my warning to George Neumayr becomes all the more real, now, that it has been revealed in the U.S. Congress by the head of the F.B.I. that the Bishop, George was accosting, Msgr. Knestout, was a F.B.I. informant!

How important is this bishop to the Deep State?

Important enough that the Deep State would be willing to kill his enemies, to prevent revelation of what he is really involved in, becoming known? And is that, the sex-trafficking of children? (See here)

Just as Emmanuela Orlandi had to be disappeared to protect CIA interests in the Vatican at the highest levels?

George, may you rest in peace, you are martyr for justice and truth, and for the cleansing of the Church which must come, either by men, or by the Vengeful Hand of God.

Christine Niles: What is the US Catholic Bishop’s conference doing involved with Child Trafficking?

Explains the industrialization of child trafficking sponsored by the U.S. Govt. in which Catholic Charities and the Bishops of the US are 100% active collaborators. — All their crocodile tears about protecting children from pedophiles, was just that. — FromRome.Info deplores that Church Militant has put the full program behind a paywall, here.

What Niles does say, explains why many clergymen in the Catholic Church who are pro-gay are also pro-gender therapy, because it is all about child sex-trafficking.

Here is the Project Veritas report from Last November: