FRANCE: The Islamic Insurrection is a WEF Project — Analysis

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

All the fingerprints point to one suspect: the World Economic Forum.

At the end of April, Must gets $13 Billion in Financing, and appoints the Weffer Yaccarino an Algerian Jewess to be CEO of Twitter.

Soon conservatives are being banned, suspended, and shadowbanned.

Ordo Militaris Catholicus’ main account @MilitarisCath was banned on about June 15th, for advocating the start of a Youth Camp in Europe to defend Europe.

Even @OrdoMilitarisEU after a few days of liberty was tombstoned for advocating the defense of Europe, and this around June 19th.

Then the entire MSM of France exploded on June 27, 2023 (9+9+9 / 6 / 6+1) over the justified shooting of a career criminal who having stolen a car, running over a pedestrian, and refusing to get out, started the car to escape.

Then simultaneously organized and armed Islamic criminal gangs and militia poured into the streets of France, burning, destroying, killing, maiming.

Videos are now showing they have formed armed militia, have received weapons and weapon grade explosives.

During this time Twitter responded by throttling all reports and accounts of the Mayhem in France, going so far as even to prevent those off platform reading about it.

UPDATE: Musk has now invented an excuse to prevent everyone from reading too much on his own platform. He has totally folded to information control:

This is a George-Floyd operation. It was planned, organized, armed, and prepared.

Plus, Macron called the police out late and weakly, to allow the “riots” to grow.

In my opinion, precisely because the WEF want it, IT WILL SPREAD to the cities of Europe with high Islamic population centers.

Prepare for a summer of Chaos.

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9 thoughts on “FRANCE: The Islamic Insurrection is a WEF Project — Analysis”

  1. This is the 2020 US antifa and BLM riots but in France and quite possibly the rest of Europe. And European politicians will be weak in their response.

    This is the new marxism. Instead of the victims being the workers, and the opressors land and factory owners, the victims are now blacks, muslims, women, gays, and LGBTQ+ and the oppressors are white, christians, men and patriotic.

  2. I agree with you brother Bugnolo. The ‘divide-and-rule’ is one of the WEF tactics which, slightly adjusted to better fit local or national issues, is greedily being exploited to sow division in societies and nations.
    E.g. in the Netherlands the abolition of slavery (which came into effect 150 years ago) now ‘suddenly’ is top priority for the WEF-muppet ‘king’ Willem-Alexander and the corrupt-to-the-core Rutte regime.
    In Australia the WEF abuse the aboriginals for similar purposes.
    Once you see the cheap tricks of the satanic WEF cult, you can no more unsee it.
    May God Almighty have mercy on us and deliver us from evil.

    By the way: can you explain why God allows all people to suffer under the satanic actions of a fairly small number of ultra rich and degenerated creatures?
    Why doesn’t God take out the ‘rotten apples’, so that all reasonably decent people, especially little innocent children, csn get on with their lives?

    1. Christians can repent, but since they have chosen to believe known public liars rather than God Himself and the Gospels, He has to let them suffer the consequences of their actions so that the are lead to repentance and return to the Fount of living waters.

    2. God has bestowed free will upon man. If He curbs “theirs”, it has to curb also yours. Do you really want to be good by force?

  3. Thank you, completely agree. How do you calculate these numbers from the date?
    “June 27, 2023 (9+9+9 / 6 / 6+1)”

    1. Dates in Europe are written Day, Month, Year — 27 = 9+9+9 which is 666 upside down, or more importantly 999 which is the Satanic Symbol for the fall of the devils from heaven to earth, to create total chaos. Then comes the month, 6 for June, and then the year 2023 which if read as individual numbers = 7 because 2+2+3=7 and 7 = 6+1

  4. The whole world ist shocked about France is burning, but the whole world oversees that the church ist burning, too.
    Just last week, Francis himself shocked the Catholic world once again by honoring and greeting one of the causes célèbres of American art: Andres Serrano, the New York “artist” photographer whose 1987 work “Piss Christ” (a photograph of a Crucifix submerged in his own urine) led to an actual cut of federal funding of the National Endowment for the Arts.
    And he did shock the Catholic world once again today by naming his confidante, ghost-writer, and Argentine theologian Victor Manuel “Tucho” Fernández new prefect for the Doctrine of the Faith. Tucho’s most famous work: Heal Me With Your Mouth: The Art of Kissing.
    In his letter welcoming Tucho as Prefect, Francis emphasizes the need not to let, “secondary issues end up overshadowing the central ones.” So, no more concerns with life (abortion, euthanasia) or gender theory, or (certainly not) homosexuality or blessings of same-sex “unions”? Shall everything now be under the sign of mercy? Or how is this to understand?
    What about Our Lord Jesus Christ? The Church doesn’t need Him.

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