Musk says AI Startups were doing Massive Data Collection from Twitter Users’ Activity

He replied thus to complaints that one can no longer read threads of embedded tweets, which FromRome.Info reported on yesterday.

UPDATE: Musk announced a new kind of censorship, unheard of every in social media:

Meanwhile on CrossAuzre.Net, servers have been upgraded 400% to accomodate new subscribers, and Br. Bugnolo is sharing memes about the Crusades … AND THERE IS NO LIMIT to how many posts you can read. In fact, CrossAzure already throttles non-users who attempt to read the site, as this technology is 5 years old, but Musk has not discovered it yet (really, he is just fooling everyone with a lie).

With Globalist Censorship growing daily, No one will ever know about the above article, if you do not share it.

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