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    [sarcastic, second degree]

    Nanterre, June 30, 2023

    Dear neighbours,

    After an arrest that went wrong, the last few days have been tough and I would like to use this opportunity to cheer you up a bit by noting, with optimism, what is working well in our country. I invite you to salute the exemplary work of the press, which was able to ask the right questions in the face of this event, and which helped us to correctly read the situation.
    The right question, of course, was above all whether the young person driving the car was part of a minority. We will be delighted that the press has never asked the trick question: what was a 17-year-old young man doing, without a license, at the wheel of a 500 horsepower car.

    We also salute the exemplary research work of the journalists who immediately found the statistic of 17 deaths due to police shooting following refusal to comply in 2023. We agree that it would have been irresponsible to make a comparison with the number of people dead (3,267) or seriously injured (16,000) on the roads in France in 2022. We note in passing that this comparison is not legitimate, as road deaths are often the result of a deliberate choice to mow in the middle of the street, while the refusal to comply is an involuntary act, where the individual has no choice. We will therefore forget that there is 941 times more chance of being the victim of a serious injury on the road than of being the victim of a police shooting, and will therefore take the side of the driver rather than that of the policeman.

    This choice of party is transcribed in the journalistic work on the photos. We are shown the picture of a smiling young Nahel, and that of a policeman with a gun. The media avoided the pitfall of showing a Nahel driving a racing car, going through red lights, failing to hit other users and crush pedestrians. Nor will the press portray a father who, through his work in the traffic police, knows very well the consequences of serious accidents and was determined to protect us from them.

    Such photos, even if they existed, would in any case not be relevant to the fundamental debate which, we remember, is that of the racism of the treatment and by the police of minorities. The idea of ​​dealing with road safety and refusal to comply in this instance is not only absurd, but also irresponsible because it could incite violence. Compared to racial subjects, the question of road safety is dangerous, mainly emotional, and completely subjective. We therefore applaud our media which, in their treatment of the facts, have been able to put their social responsibility and the impartiality of their journalistic work before their own interests and their desire to raise audience.

    The result of this responsible work was not long in coming and we were able to observe ourselves irreproachable young people politely coming to inform the police that their mother was a prostitute and friendly sending them 1 kg cobblestones as we send snowballs. The press was there, camera in focus, safe behind the CRS, and on the lookout for the first who would lose his temper, to make sure, if necessary, to take pictures of the truncheons. We thank these journalists for their diligent work and have confidence in their ability to immediately inform us of the minority from which the young bludgeoned would come. It is indeed essential that we can be the first to know precisely whether the cop has acted out of racism, antisemitism, homophobia, or xenophobia.

    We will forget by the way to mention the figures of police officers and gendarmes killed (58 in 2021) or injured (on average 18,000 per year) in the exercise of their function. And we will lament the “social state of France” pushing these young people to revolt. I also went for a walk among these young people: their main point in common? The shoes. These are Nike Sharks, they sell for around 190 Euros a pair: an undeniable sign of a precarious situation.

    We will also be shown the picture of a grieving mother; the media offering their condolences but being careful not to ask her if, as a legal representative for a minor, she was unaware that her son had a well-documented history of irresponsible conduct and refusal to comply. The press also avoided asking her what measures she had put in place to prevent this kind of scenario from happening again and possibly leading to disaster. These kinds of questions, by the way, don’t matter: Let’s not forget that this is not about education or parental responsibility, but about racism. The media remind us of this by relaying the words of Mounia [Nahel’s mother] who repeats to us, as if to be convinced, that “This is the fault of one man and one man only”, “[Nahel] looked like a a young Arab, so he took his life”. She thus completes a clear demonstration that she is white as snow and that it is not a question here of behavior, but of discrimination.
    Mounia then calls for “firm justice”. So let’s imagine a parallel universe, where the police knock on Mounia’s door, to inform her that her son is at the station after mowing down a child, who is now in the hospital. Will she then call for “firm justice”? This scenario, however, is highly unlikely. We only count 237,000 people injured on the road each year in France. And even if this scenario were plausible, the first thing to clarify if one was doing serious journalism would be to worry about whether the injured child was part of a minority. If so, then we can correctly label the driver’s criminal intentions for 8 p.m. If not, you will have to look for a scoop elsewhere.

    I therefore invite you, my fellow citizens, to thank the journalists for their work by making a copy of this message and sending it, by post or e-mail, to the main media of your choice. Preferably the most impartial. If enough copies are delivered to them, perhaps they will get the message. I also invite you to spread this message, but in a controlled way and not too public: you risk getting hit on it.

    Yours faithfully,


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