Fourth of July Considerations: What America would be like without Globalism

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4 thoughts on “Fourth of July Considerations: What America would be like without Globalism”

  1. We would see a Catholic World after the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart!

    If I am able to see the future generations, I will warn them about the evils brought by illusions, screens and abstracts replacing real relationships.

  2. So many evils seem to be coming out in the open( i e exposed) ,ie the tranzing of kids, the impurity of prelates, the adulterous married folks, the
    the virtues of FaithHope and Charity, Prudence ,,Justice, Fortitude Temperance, , Constancy, Modesty, Continancy and Chastity Fear of the Lord. Premarital sexual relations, adulterous relationships, Simony, Sodomy, Divorce. Birth prevention methods. Just to name a few!!!
    Is there nobody to tell anybody that just one habit of mortal sin, if you are in that awful spiritual state,and die a sudden death…

    . You will go to Hell.
    Of course , your priests can’t tell you that or he will get reported to the Bishop, and will be cancelled.

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