8 thoughts on “The CIA-MI5 Nexus: A Case Example”

  1. Brother Bugnolo,

    Cardinal Joseph-Charles Lefebvre was consecrated in 1938 by Bishop Edouard-Gabriel Mesguen with Boshops Joseph-Jean Heitz and Louir Liagre as co-consecrators. Do you know whether either one of these were of the Rampolla line of Bishops?

  2. And another question: Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre was consecrated Bishop by Bishop Achille Leniért (later Cardinal) with Bishops Jean-Baptiste Fauret and Alfred-Jean-Félix Ancel as co consecrators. Are any of these of the Rampolla line?

    1. Thanks for the link and I found something!

      I found out that Marcel Lefebvre’s consecrator Cardinal Achille Liénart was ordained a deacon by Archbishop François-Marie Joseph Delamaire who was consecrated by Archbishop Benedetto Lorenzelli who was consecrated by Mariani Cardinal Rampolla del Tindaro. So Marcel Lefebvre is of the lineage of Rampolla del Tindaro.

  3. And Marcel Lefebvre’s cousin Joseph-Charles Cardinal Lefebvre was co-consecrated a Bishop by Bishop Louis Liagre who was consecrated a Bishop by Cardinal Achille Liénart….

    And then the same lineage as indicated above back to Mariano Cardinal Rampolla del Tindaro

    1. Well strictly speaking affiliated. The principle consecrant determines the precise lineage, but if you take a co-consecrator then it appears that it might signify alliances between other factions. That is how I read it.

      The Rampolla Faction is so great, that many Bishops have co-consecrators who are of his lineage: Strickland of Tyler, TX, and Gracida of Corpus Christi.

      I think that it is highly probable that if an affiliation means an alliance, then allies are allowed to oppose the official agenda without being punished, but if you are not allied, you will be crushed.

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