Your Cellphone + DeathVaxx Hydrogel = A Die-on-Signal Device

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

I recently discovered that some 4G phones have 5G capability which the user cannot access.  These are some models of Samsung. I discovered this by reading the technical notes on the model.

By now most other phones are already 5G. So are nearly all home routers.

If you have hydrogel in your system from any DeathVaxx, then you need to understand that having anything 5G near you, during the day, at any hour, might be sufficient to give the globalists the power over you equivalent to a Die-on-Signal device.

Any 5G device near-by, is potentially more able to harm you in this way, than any 5G Tower far away, because of the fact that the power of any signal decreases over distance squared: Effective Power = P / D^2.

And if Dr. Rashid is correct, being near any 5G device which knows you are using it, such as a cellphone, is sufficient for it to turn on the switch inside you.

See Dr. Rashid’s comments, here, a few days after which he seemed to die on signal.

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14 thoughts on “Your Cellphone + DeathVaxx Hydrogel = A Die-on-Signal Device”

  1. What about all these 5g led light poles going up at rapid paces. Seems like they’re bring installed at night, which is another occurance🤔

    1. I do not know their power rating, but if they actually have 5G capability yes, you do not want to live in such a neighborhood.

    2. I get notifications on posts on SNS that internet service providers are continuously notifying us of upgrading their services. It started at least a month ago, and there seems to be no stop at their plans yet.

  2. This morning I called the company which installed the 5G tower right in front of our home because in the last month I have noticed a hissing sound coming from these towers at all times of day and night. They were constructed in 2020, but only started hissing in the last month.. Im waiting for the project manager to call me back. It is rather alarming. Are they starting to turn it up slowly to see how much we can tolerate and then zap us once our immune systems are down?

    I’ve started putting blessed St. Benedict medals in the ground around the perimeter of our home, in the trees, on the windowsills, entrances, etc.

    I may switch to a flip phone because I have one of those 4G Samsung phones which you describe.

    1. If it is right in front of your house, it will destroy your health. I recommend selling out ASAP, as you will not be able to shut it down. They were testing these things in Rome in 2021, and as I walked by one of them, I would nearly faint, and not be able to breathe.

      1. I can say even 4G is dangerous. When I came to my present residence, there was nearly no cellphone coverage. So I naively got a Cellphone antenna and a boster, from Amazon, and installed it. I got very sick and weak, until I turned it off. I did not turn it on again until last week, because of bad weather, and within two days I felt the symptoms again. So I am disinstalling it, and keeping my cellphones as far from me as possible.

  3. La Quinta Columna has exposed the sad reality of all of this 5G towers and now the reality that people who have been vaxxed with the Clot Shot are able to transmit a bluetooth signal. That is alarming…It is so obvioius the elite hate humanity and will stop at nothing to do away with us just as the deagel report about the huge reduction coming to the USA population…my only recommedation is for YOU to be on TEAM JESUS…

  4. You can buy faraday bags for phones and computers. This will
    protect you when not in use but when taken outside the bag
    the protection is gone. Also it is possible to wrap routers with
    faraday fabric. Hope this helps some what.

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