Caviezel: “Every time I do a film, I am working with (govt.) Agents”!

Jim just dropped a big red pill for everyone who watches his films: they are all Globalist propaganda ops.

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4 thoughts on “Caviezel: “Every time I do a film, I am working with (govt.) Agents”!”

    1. Aj and I over at OMC Radio TV will soon do a show about Caviezel’s recent movie and discuss parts of his personal life which nearly no one knows, and see how this connects perhaps with his statement.

    2. It was a movie to count how many still believe in Crucifixion, Death, and Ressurection of Jesus. They also launched traps to check if the Christians will defend Jesus from their paid agents in mass media.

      They need to know how many are their potential enemies before launching The Great Apostasy back in Feb 2013.

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