Father Altman becomes a Sedevacantist?

Editor’s Note: If any reader can track down the full video, so that we can have the context of Father Altman’s declaration, I would greatly appreciate it.

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13 thoughts on “Father Altman becomes a Sedevacantist?”

  1. Failure to recognise Truth, as detailed by FromRome with the utmost canonical, doctrinal and apostolic precision is dramatically multiplying modern man’s tendency to become his own wee pope. Barnhardt, Mazza, Mawdsley and now Altman, they’re all foaming at the mouth with it. It is adding victims to the strong delusion who should be on the side of Truth, but cannot see how close and yet how far they are from it.

  2. I believe that the silence of the One, Holy, True, and Apostolic Church, Hierarchy, and especially its Head, i n matters of TRUE Doctrine, and Mortal Sin, is so morally offensive to soooooo many Catholics , and others, that these Priests and Carholic bloggers, who call out the rot and filth of ” wink wink” in matters of SERIOUS MORTAL SIN THAT SENDS US TO HELL is ” John the Babtist type speech. Most people get it, I believe.
    Maybe the panzie prelates never had a good father of the old school sort who believed in spanking their naughty children’s bare butt over their knee when it was needed! . And, on top of that, have we all forgotten that ” Sticks and stones can bare my bones, but words can never harm me.”. Can we not all see Fr Altmans and other priests of valor who mince no words are telling The Truth, while ” those who should speak out remain silent” ? Yes, they are ” offensive ” , but, I say ” Thank God” for their ” offense”!!!

    1. Hey, I understand that when someone is mad, he might not speak with precision. Even St. Bruno of Conti called the pope of his time a heretic in council, for allowing some forms of lay investiture. An error which is not heresy, but weakness.

    2. I see. Fr. Altman is in error, praying he returns back to his senses. He might have had a big share of difficulties plus media serves to inflate ego, not promote humility.

  3. There is, I submit, clear evidence of an infernal dialectic in the position taken by Father Altman, and I’m not saying that he is consciously, deliberately positioning himself within a dialectic, but that he appears to have been co-opted into doing so.

    The dialectic is, on the one hand we have the thesis that Benedict XVI validly resigned and Jorge was Pope from 2013 and the antithesis on the other hand: that Jorge was an antipope, because Canon 332.2 and 332.3. The synthesis that is being drawn out of this, is that with Benedict’s death there is a state of sedevacante. This self-evidently suits the globalist strategy of solve et coagula since it appears to be convincing an increasingly large part of the church militant that indeed, the sede is vacante and therefore the One, Holy, Catholic & Apostolic Church is in a tail-spin and (at least by implication – so few commentators acknowledge these ramifications) Jesus Christ’s promise that the gates of hell would not prevail was false, with the further insinuation (again, since so few acknowledge what logically follows) that Jesus Christ is not the Second Person of the Holy Trinity, but just the best of men, a worthy prophet who made some mistakes.

    Only the From Rome position and Brother Alexis’ actions to convene and publicize the Assembly of the Faithful of the Roman Dioceses present the true answer to the false dialectic – a synthesis worthy of Jesus Christ True God and True man in that it re-integrates the fraying strands of the earthly Body of Christ by a steadfast adherence to Canon Law and Apostolic Right to heal the rift and separation of the various factions by regularising the status of Jorge Mario Bergoglio as Pope Francis – an achievement I have yet to see even remotely adequately contested and which remains to me as self-evidently of God, though evidently not attractive to human pride.

    We now find ourselves in a situation in which the factions dig-in and become more numerous and more fissiparous, because the Benedict-resigned thesis crowd are now growing restless under the weight of more than 10 years of misdirection and, rather than examining their base premise, legitimise antipope Bergoglio’s acts prior to 30 January 2023 by resisting them and in so doing conferring legitimacy on them (in their own minds).

    The Jorge is an antipope crowd, are happy (apparently) to throw Our Lord’s un-breakable promise under the bus (in their own minds, if consciously acknowledged) by refusing to acknowledge Brother Alexis’ charitable effort to square the circle in the only way that could possibly preserve the Truth intact and seamlessly provide for a legitimate conclave on Francis’ death, despite the Cardinalate having acted to disenfranchise themselves (in the real-world of Canon Law, though perhaps not consciously acknowledged by any of them).

    I remain convinced that this was a great act of charity for Catholics of all factions and it remains a tragedy that ecclesiastical politics continues to obscure the graces that those few of us who have (however fleetingly) been able to set aside pride and acknowledge Truth which seems to gain more garlands the more it is abused and trampled on.

    I have a niggling fear that this dialectic is being stoked quite deliberately using well known Catholic bloggers, particularly those of a traditionalist stripe (but also the awaking Novus Ordo Conservatives) whose pride and vanity we perhaps made the mistake of giving a pass to, when they were unmistakably in the service of truth, but whose pride and vanity have become an obstacle and indeed have evidently been susceptible to being co-opted by the three letter agencies (or, let’s face it perhaps directly by fallen angels) to stoke the dialectic and the desired globalist synthesis of the destruction of the visible Catholic Church.

    It seems to me that all of the protagonists on the emerging and expansionist sedevacante side manifest visible (and audible) evidence of vanity and pride: some have a bit of an obsession with modest fashion, others (Father Altman?) appear to die their hair or give high emphasis to power-lifting and other body-centric activities. These are clues folks!

    We must cleave to the four marks of the True Church: One, Holy, Catholic & Apostolic and we must remain in communion with the successor of St Peter and be prepared to resist him to his face. Recognize & Resist has real traction in the post-January 30 2023 world.

    1. Mark. I like your explanation. I hope someone explicitly asks Father Altman if he is a secevacantist, and let him answer that question. I also liked his talked but do not agree with the final statement that Francis is not the pope. To me as apparently with you, Francis was an anti pope until January 30th, 2023. But now he is the pope. Now I took Father Altman’s talk to equating as declaring Pope Francis a heretic and that he should be declared one by the hierarchy and therefore validly removing him as pope, but until such council or legal canon procedure is taken, he remains pope. By the same logic, since his actions prior to January 30th, 2023 are all invalid, we as the faithful can resist his proposed changes.

      Of course we do not know what will come out of the synod and it does not matter because whatever it is we should consider invalid, because if we consider the synod actions valid (in the case that they are completely opposite to the current Bergolian heresies) we will be accepting that the synod is valid if it affirms the traditions of the faith, but invalid if it does not. So we must not fall into the hands of the devil, but accepting ANY declarations from the synod. We just need to fight it and ignore anything coming out of it.

      Pope Francis will have to answer to God at the end for his actions. We just need to work within the valid church to resist those that have taken over her.

      We need to continue praying for all priests and trust God on the answers to our prayers. But we must also take action, talk to our parish priests about our concerns. Talk to them about why they do not talk about what is going on in the church. Ask them how we can help if they were to come out and speak out and become the objects of persecution or cancelation by the diocesan hierarchy. Some priest here in the USA are on “contracts” with their diocese and depend on those contracts to maintain their visas. So that is one reason they might not speak out. I do not know how their predicament can be remedied, but their silence is hurting the faithful.

      I hope Father Altman continues to speak out and fight back. I hope he does not falls into a heresy or fall from the True Church as you stated. The answers to this predicament are not easy to see, but we can ask God thru prayer to help us pick the right path. The right path is for us to follow the will of God and that is hard to understand without God’s grace to help us.

  4. I have asked the Coalition For Canceled Priests if they can provide me with an email address for Fr J Altman so that he can be advised.

  5. He lost me at the third or fourth ‘From the moment (Bergoglio did this or that, he lost the papacy)” As if he regained it again somehow only to lose it again later. He should listen to himself critically and realize how foolish he sounds. Of course he doesn’t mean it literally but the effect is disturbing.

    What a shame for him and the SVists that neither St. John the Baptist nor Our Lord Jesus Christ ever declared openly or taught privately, or implied by their actions, the loss of office of a man when he becomes a ‘viper’. As everyone here knows, there’s a canonical mechanism for removing them but it depends on the proper authorities putting it into motion.

    1. Father Altman can easily reach out to me, since his secretary has my contact information. The problems with the massive disinformation campaign by globalist controlled media, is that the lies are so big and deep, that men of God who trust too much in public authority easily cannot bring themselves to admit this.

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