Br. Bugnolo: How Social Media Use can destroy you in ways unknown (Video)

A look into the dangerous psychological world that Social Media can suck you into.

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8 thoughts on “Br. Bugnolo: How Social Media Use can destroy you in ways unknown (Video)”

  1. Many thanks for this heartfelt video, Brother Alexis; your solemn warnings about the dangers of social media are well-expressed and give much ‘food for thought’. I will share this with some friends in Christ as I had already taken the decision, in recent months, to significantly reduce my internet time especially on Facebook……where, even amongst groups which claim to be Roman Catholic, there is a huge amount of deception & distraction, heresy & schism etc.!!

    Pax tecum.

  2. Pretenting to know why “God” did or did not do something is a clear sign of a delusional mind. Get off your high horse, you madman!

  3. Su questo sono perfettamente d’accordo. Pur non utilizzandoli mi accorgo del loro grandissimo potere di persuasione e di inganno. Questo indipendentemente dall’età degli utenti. Tuttavia mi rendo conto che non sarà facile uscire da questa situazione in quanto, come ho potuto personalmente notare, ci sono tanti ragazzi e ragazze letteralmente dipendenti (come dei drogati) da questi programmi e più in generale dai dispositivi portatili che li supportano. E’ qualcosa di spaventoso! E ancora peggio è il fatto che anche in molte scuole cattoliche e in oratori non si faccia quasi nulla per strappare queste persone dall’apatia quasi totale nella quale sono precipitate. Sono intossicati da queste tecnologie e gli adulti, posto che non lo siano a loro volta, tacciono e si compiacciono in molti casi di questo. Samo nei guai.

  4. There is a very serious problem in the US somewhat similar to the flat earth propaganda. In my opinion there is a very sophisticated operation to convince patriots, Christians, conservatives, and other non leftists that there is a secret operation to save the world.

    These very common beliefs now include that Trump is still secretly the President, that there have been thousands of arrests, that the Iraq Dinar will go up thousands of times in value, that Social Security will be $5000 a month soon, that there are “medbeds” which will fix your health which are being released soon, that there are “whitehats” everywhere controlling the bad guys because you needed to see it in order for the world to change.

    What they all have in common is that the believer in this info does not have to do anything as a solution is around the corner. This is devastating otherwise intelligent and worldly people and turning them into spigots of this vile nonesense.

    Thank you for your video.

  5. This is good, Brother, but I must say that since the plandemic, my relationships just haven’t been the same.

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