The Globalist Conspiracy to use Social Media for World-Domination

The origin of Social media was the theory of the Six Degrees of Separation. Learn more about the Jew who worked for Skull and Bones to discover the way to enslave every human mind on the planet by means of media induced Social Isolation.

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7 thoughts on “The Globalist Conspiracy to use Social Media for World-Domination”

  1. Thanks Brother Alexis and AJ for an informative programme concerning the psychological manipulation behind social media.

    I read the paper “When Your Friends Fall Off the Edge of The Earth” posted by AJ. Good, so far as it goes, however it’s deep in the weeds of the psyop bluff / double bluff (and dare I say, even triple bluff) since the author evidently rolls-up several psyops to take down together with the observable absurdity of flat earth. I note that the article as presented was adapted for publication in The Atlantic, so no surprises that they want their readers to keep their blinders on and would no doubt include all of the shenanigans of the Covid psyop under the “conspiracy theory” label.

    I am very concerned to hear Brother Alexis’ experience of Catholic friends swallowing the flat earth BS. I have noted throughout the Scamdemic that it is almost exclusively Protestants who espouse flat earth. There is a definite pattern which I am very certain is designed to tar genuine conspiracy facts with demonstrably false (or at least evidence-free) theories and keep normies uncritically inside the NWO compound.

    The pattern of the last three years has been for a number of high profile Protestant pundits (like to posit the following conspiracies:

    1. Covid is a Scamdemic (agreed, overwhelming evidence presented by the perps for those prepared to loo – 100% correct in my opinion).

    2. Moon landings are fake and never occurred (I happen to believe that this is very probably true) based on analyses of rocket mass / fuel requirements / distance / photographic and video analyses. I think it highly likely that we have not got beyond low-Earth orbit in terms of manned flights. But I deal with this as a probability – that this theory is perhaps 80% proven – so I keep an open mind, I want to know the truth and will listen to facts for and against the theory.

    3. Freemasons and / or Jews rule the world. False, the synagogue of satan rules the world and comprises any group or persons acting anti-Christically – including Freemasons, Banking families and other Jew or Gentile fellow-travellers, including some members of The One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church.

    4. Nephilim existed and fallen angels did reproduce with human women. A favourite Protestant obsession for which I see absolutely zero evidence beyond obviously Photo-shopped images of archaeologists uncovering huge humanoid skeletons. Purported biblical evidence appears to rely on Gnostic texts which I have no interest in reading – Eusebius (whom I’m reading at present) is scathingly dismissive of such texts.

    5. Jesuits are the power-brokers behind NWO – false, see synagogue of satan above.

    These five are their primary focus. There are others for which I personally think the evidence has strong merit such as question marks concerning the alleged atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Analyses of photo and film evidence are highly persuasive, I’d give it a probability of 70% proven, but again, I want to know the truth so, though I don’t waste my life chasing down the details, I am prepared to consider evidence for or against.

    I’m also convinced that Directed Energy Weapons (DEWs) dismissed as a “conspiracy theory” in this article, are highly likely to exist and have been used in California – there is too much evidence of melting vehicle engine blocks, trees apparently burning from the inside-out and burning patterns block by block with very precise demarcations between plots that indicate precise targeting – the perps also tell us via patents that this is real. I’m not interested in pursuing the details, but when I stumble on credible information, my world view (strongly shaped by Covid Scamdemic and various rabbit holes I went down in the 2018 / 2019 period, satisfy me that the world absolutely does not operate as we were programmed to believe.

    The Catholic position (IMO) is that pursuing truth can be good, but can also become an idol, especially if we do not have an active prayer life. I say that pursuing truth must be done within the overarching context of pursuing a living relationship with He who is Truth.

    To finish on flat earth – the great tragedy is that its adherents do not appear to understand that whether the Earth is a globe or some other shape has no bearing on the validity of true Christian theology, of the Bible nor the Gospels most especially. I see it as symptomatic of the poverty of Protestant theology and doctrine, which makes it all the more distressing that a Catholic would fall victim to it – they need to return to Catholic base premises.

    1. Mark,

      I must strongly object to several points you make, first of all, that whether the earth be flat or a globe has no bearing on the validity of true Christian theology. Because the earth is a globe by all demonstrable evidence and in fact, and to say otherwise is sheer lunacy which has never been believed in the last 2000 years. And to assert that one can espouse lunacy without affecting his Christian faith is heresy, since our God is the God of Truth and the Creator of all things visible and invisible, including the laws of mathematics and of physics and the principles of geometry. If one obstinately denies any truth, after three corrections, one cannot be saved, since such is a mortal sin against the duty of the intellect to assent to all truth.

      For that reason, I must reprove you on two other points, namely the forest fires are being started by high energy weapons. Yes, lightning strikes can cause forest fires, but if you look up the physics of these natural events, then you will discover that no human machine with a power supply light enought to put in the air or in orbit, can achieve such levels. And to hypothesis that there is such technology rather than search for arsons or examine lighting patterns, is ludicrous.

      Next, I must reprove you strongly for denying the Moon landings on the basis that the rockets which launched the capsules could not attain the thrust needed. This is merely you speaking out of a total ignorance of the laws of physics, combustion and gravity. As I have a brother who worked in the satellite industry and who did the calculations to demonstrate this years ago, I think to even concede such a thing is insanity.

      Finally, I will conclude that your experience on social media has shown a decisively bad effect, as you have allowed your mind to be sucked into grave error, when you could have read up on both fields of science instead of listen to manipulators on social media, who can play on our interests as well as on our ignorance.

      The recent Scamdemic has shown that what the ruling classes have been telling is is a complex matrix of lies. And the shock that this is the case, is causing many to become unhinged, because they have no other psychological foundation, inasmuch as they know not science nor believe in Christ in such a way as to rule their minds. Christians need to take their faith a lot more seriously and with greater interior committment. This scamdemic has shown that the vast majority never even began doing that in their youth.

      And this is because they have never heard the Gospel. They have listened to it, but never heard it.

  2. I would also say that my experience of the Scamdemic was cathartic and lead to the very opposite of Brother Alexis’ concerns in this video. How so? Because I realised that real human friends in community was something I could not do without. Hitherto I had been too busy on career and family to have any real friends and certainly none outside of work acquaintances. 2020 changed all of that and I now find myself with a wide friendship group of traditionally minded Catholics in Sussex, Bristol and Shrewsbury as well as locally to where I now live. This is a great blessing and a very different focus compared to most of my 60 plus years on God’s green Earth! The joy is in meeting and socialising face to face, but of course we have much to share online using…social media!

  3. Increased exposure to the internet means greatly reduced exposure to the Holy Bible.

    Self-absorption is a mortal sin called pride. “Becoming like gods”.

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