7 thoughts on “Social Isolation, Cult Leaders and the Traditionalist Movement’s role in NATO Control of Europe”

  1. It is sad to say that yes, Traddies are like Protestants… instead of uniting and having the Mass spread, they seclude themselves together as if the Motu Proprio of 2021 has legal sanctions.

    This is their punishment for Traddies, saying Pope Francis in the canon of Mass during 2013 – 2022.

  2. Greetings Br Bugnolo,

    I think the person you are trying to recall is Fr. Gommar De Pauw.
    (latinmass-ctm.org) Was he perhaps the only true Catholic priest? Is the 1962 mass acceptable or do I need to find one that
    used 1950s rubrics or earlier? If so, how do I? Where are the
    true Catholic priests?

    1. Yes, that his him! thanks. The Mass is a real mass under very simple conditions: a validly ordained priest, true wheat bread, true wine, the words of institution said over them, and then once consecrated, that the priest offer both to God. This can be done in any language or even with signs. The question I think you are trying to ask is another, is it acceptable to God? And that requires that it be done both licitly and catholicly. And thus a priest must be authorized by a Bishop to offer the Mass, and say it according to an approved Missal, which has Papal approval for the form of its liturgy. Thus, some masses are more acceptable than others, and the prayers of holy priests are more acceptable to God, even if they be persecuted by their Bishops. So to answer your question about a specific mass by specific priest, I cannot give a precise answer. A holy priest not knowing the problems of the Novus Order, and with the permission of his Bishop, might say a mass which is more acceptable to God than a sedevacanist priest ordained without permission and saying the 1948 Traditional Latin Mass.

  3. Yes. Our Lady warned us (in La Salette, I think) that “Protestants will be Catholics and Catholics will be Protestants!” As anyone can see, the prophecy is beginning to be fulfilled.

    1. Feb 2013 is the landmark when many Catholics became Protestants during The Great Apostasy ( fast forward 2020 they closed their own Church and desecrated St Peter’s Square at 2019 ). Maybe Protestants becoming Catholics will come sometime after, during The One World Religion, recognizing the sign of the times.

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