ROME: Airplane with “B16 never abdicated” soars over Beaches of City

News Commentary and Back-story by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Nearly two years ago, I suggested that someone hire an areal advertising agency to fly a plane over the city of Rome, with the banner, “Benedict XVI has never abdicated”. At the time no one took me seriously. Even the most ardent supporters of Pope Benedict XVI’s cause brushed it off.

But the suggestion became a reality this week, as a tremendous heat wave drove the citizens of the eternal city to the beaches near Ostia.

I thus welcome this endeavor, whomsoever was behind it. It may get someone persons to begin to ask what is the juridical basis for the Pontificate of Pope Francis. The readers of FromRome.Info are among the only ones who know this well, since it has been the featured topic of this journal for nearly 9 years. For more information why the declaration of this areal banner is 100% accurate canonically and historically, see the Index to the Resignation of Pope Benedict XVI, here.

In Italy, you cannot get permission for area advertising without governmental approval. When the German Pope was in retirement, no one even dreamed of the possibility.

But now that the P2 Lodge has taken up the cause of Pope Benedict XVI to push division in the Church and urge the denial of the juridically valid election of Pope Francis, someone has found the money and political influence to do it.

No one in Italy, I know of, has seen this plane, however. It is reported in the MSM in both Italy and Spain. Andrea Cionci is cited as explicitly denying he is behind it, even though his family has close ties with Ministry of Defense. I do not know if Fr. Alessandro Minutella has sponsored it or not, since his father was a Military Policeman his whole life.

Cionci and Minutella are now involved in a disastrous campaign to steal Catholics from the flock of Christ by insisting that since they say Pope Francis is a heretic, no trial or council is necessary to declare him deprived of all right to hold office. In my opinion, I think they will end up very badly for it.

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