What about those 3000 tracking cookies per hour you are on the Web?

In this program AJ and Br. Bugnolo talk about the Big Game and Long Game in Globalist controlled Social Media, and explain in detail the kinds of deception used to gather information from you, and trick you into accepting the Big Lie of the French Revolution: that the wicked are more worthy of your trust than good Catholics.

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13 thoughts on “What about those 3000 tracking cookies per hour you are on the Web?”

  1. Those 3000 cookies will tell that once you stopped using them ( cellphones, laptop, computer, any for rent computer ) that you are dead – the perfect net is that vaccine passport and the vaccine technology injected in their bodies that has a logo of the company tracking you. Once they confirm you are dead, the government can immediately steal the dead’s money using their criminal agents even before the relatives can withdraw the cash – if they can. This is where AI comes into play.

    1. This is their ultimate post mortem strategy, it is even worse in places like EU, where in Italy, last wills and testaments no longer have any force of law, as the law specifies that only direct relations: siblings, parents, wives and children (grandchilden) inherit, and if there be non alive, then the State inherits everything: land, bank accounts (in all countries), investments, furniture, intellectual property. So now the State has an interest in promoting genocide.

    1. There are many programs which clean out your browser cache. Get at least one and run it every time you log off the internet. If you are using a cellphone, I do not think this is possible, so never use social media apps via cellphone.

      1. Thank you. Thinking about it a bit more, perhaps some browsers are better than others – I’ll have to look into it..

        Also perhaps the use of a VPN might be useful – there are free versions that come with some like Brave, Opera..

  2. Thank you Brother Bugnolo and AJ for your apostolate. I am eternally grateful for the information you publish. This is one of the useful videos I have watched.

    Unfortunately I find it that there are very few people who actually are willing to listen and consider what you propose. And fighting with these people is not worthwhile because ultimately it is more important to maintain the relationship until they are willing to listen.
    So I prefer to send your videos to those people who I think will find them useful and wait for the opportune moment to send it to those who refuse to listen. Unfortunately it seems it may be very late for many people before they wake up.

    1. In the Matrix movie only 6 people out of a hundred million woke up ( at first ). Expect red Pilling your immediate family first, at the same time meet with your friends so you get to tell them the difference between real presence and video chats.

  3. Malwarebyte or Super Anti-Spyware or CCLeaner, or ClamWin AV are free. They can help clean Internet cookies from your pc.

  4. Those using an Android Phone or Tablet :
    1. Press the Chrome Application button
    2 Go to the Top Right hand corner, which is symbol of a box and three bars and tap this button.
    3 opens up a new window and tap the history button
    4 press delete everything, cookies & site data, cached images & files.
    5 It may delete all browsing history which will appear below on the screen, which will have a X on the far right to delete individually.

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