3 thoughts on “FOX NEWS begins to match donations to the Church of Satan”

  1. BlackRock, Vanguard, State Street are all primary owners of all Corporations…Aligned with the Banker Crime Syndicate. THE EVIL FORCED ONTO SOCIETY BEGINS THERE. About 3/4 of the way through this wonderful presentation; Fr. Chris gives the clear identity of the origin of the evil forced onto humanity to distract from the evils of depopulation and THE CBDC’S/SOCIAL CREDIT SYSTEM NOW BEING PERPETRATED TO ENSLAVE ALL OF GOD’S PEOPLE.

  2. Hello Brother Bugnolo. I had posted this article of yours on Gab and today I received a comment about it from a Gabber with the handle of Church of Satan (and purported to represent the Church of Satan) . I am requesting your suggestion on how I should deal with it. Thank you in advance. Below is the message:

    Church of Satan

    We have not accepted any donations from Fox News. You are thinking of a group of political activists who masquerade as Satanists.

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