Tim Gordon, Manipulating the Narrative about Bergoglio? Yes …

Commentary and Criticism by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Here Tim Gordon, who strenuously ignored and denied the truth that Pope Benedict XVI only retired but did not renounce, attempts to rewrite the historical narrative about Bergoglio within the frame of tension, promoted by the CIA, in which all things must be seen as a war between conservatives and liberals. He even goes so far as to call Fr. Murry, a “guy”.

And yes, perhaps “rewrite” is not the correct term, for what he is attempting to do is gaslight catholics into his own habitual denials.

Gordon builds this historically revisionist narrative upon total silence about the controversy which broke out in Nov. of 2014 about the legitimacy of the Conclave of 2013 (perhaps because this controversy was covered principally and nearly exclusively for years by FromRome.Info), and any question of the canonicity of the acts of Bergoglio (which before Jan. 30, 2023, none of his acts have, since no Antipope holds any jurisdiction).

Thus he presents a derivative of the Big Lie, wherein there is such a thing as the Dicastery of the Doctrine of the Faith, and such a thing as the Synod on Synodality, both of which depend on acts deprived of all juridical status, and thus in no way represent acts which have to do with the true Church, which is always the juridical Church.

Thus, Gordon entitles his video, “Has Pope Francis changed after the death of Pope Benedict”, in an obvious shot over the bow of myself, who never claimed such a thing, but whose position is institutionally misrepresented by those who accept the  Big Lie without question. (While Pope Francis’s own close friends say he has shown a change since Jan. 30, I have consistently distinguished between the intervention of the High Priestly Prayer which infallibly prevents certain things, and the efficacy of Christ’s offer of the grace of conversion which is only efficacious if Bergoglio wants to receive it)

I won’t even mention that Gordon comes from a family integrated into Big Oil, and thus the Globalist network, or that he criticizes appointments  in the Vatican because persons have no qualifications in law, a criticism which he ignores grandly in these controversies about his own story spinning.

The Big Lie (that Benedict never abdicated) is founded upon an even bigger lie, namely, that Christ does not regard Canon Law and Papal Laws as that which define the ontology of the Church and predetermine that for which He prays and that for which He allows go its own way.

The entire narrative of Gordon, presented above, is going to come crashing down into total confusion and madness, as he continues to attempt to turn a square into a circle. A disaster which will result in total loss of faith, because it is based on a blasphemous assertion of impotence in the One Who founded and sustains His Church and Immaculate Bride.

However, I will close in observing that he presents a rather accurate summation of the warped psychology of those who totally ignore the canonical reality, so much, that they won’t even allow it to be discussed.  These are the “Catholics” who deny that God is the Infinitely Perfect Respecter of Law, precisely because He Himself is Infinite Being and the Definer of the truth of all things and all legitimate laws.

If Bergoglio’s critics did not fail in this, they would have been on board with calling a Provincial Council to depose Bergoglio as an antipope, way back when I first called for this — And I am the only one who ever called for it, and explained how to do it (see articles here). And yet, if they really wanted a solution — which would be canonical and would destroy the logic of tension, which is the CIA game — they would still back it, just as I still back it, because, on account of the High Priestly Prayer for Pope Francis, the latter would either accept correction in the Council or he would abdicate. And thus the scandal of his pontificate would come in one way or another to and end. And is this not what the critics of Bergoglio really want?

Or do they?

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4 thoughts on “Tim Gordon, Manipulating the Narrative about Bergoglio? Yes …”

  1. Thanks for this detailed critique.
    Of the many things I have learnt at FromRome.info + OMC Radio TV, one of the most important is not to trust, without some detailed investigation into their background, any Catholic layperson who has an apostolate that claims to reveal the ‘truths’ that no-one else is publishing……whilst at the same time encouraging generous donations to fund their work/lifestyle.
    Tim Gordon can be added to a long list that includes such ‘notables’ as Michael Voris, Michael Matt, John-Henry Western, Taylor Marshall, Frank Walker etc. etc.
    And one also has to be very selective when reading the material published at sites such as ‘Rorate Caeli’ and ‘Crisis’ magazine as much ‘controlled opposition’ & deception/distraction is at work……

  2. What is your take on Edmund Mazza’s [ https://www.edmundmazza.com/2023/07/04/if-francis-is-pope/ ] analysis? Was the conclave invalid because Benedict was still Pope while it was held? Weaponization of ambiguity seems to have been the hallmark everything that came from the grand council of Pope John XXIII. Is it possible that the excommunicated status of the cardinals who conspired in the selection of Bergoglio resulted in the genuine election of a pope different from him, a man that still remains silent?

    1. Hey, Look at the index on this site entitled, Triumph of the Lamb, also use the search engine here to find, The Index to Pope Benedict XVI’s renunciation, because YOUR question is like asking the Main Public Library in NYC whether they have any books in the building.

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