ROME: State Prosecutor dismisses case against Br. Bugnolo, from Oct. 17, 2020 A. D..

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

I was informed today by the Carabinieri of the Italian Republic, that on April 13, 2023, the state prosecutor in the Tribunal of Rome, dismissed the case against me, regarding the altercation the State Police had with me on Oct. 17, 2020, in the Piazza del Popolo. The prosecutor made this decision on the basis of the license granted by the Meloni govt. to dismiss all cases against those who resisted the Scamdemic controls.

These controls were totally illegal, unconstitutional and inhumane, but that was not the basis of the “mercy” granted, as far as I know.

The State Prosecutor in October of last year wanted to dismiss the case already, because of the criminal complaint that my excellent attorney had filed against the 12-14 police officers who conspired as an armed band against my civil liberties, a crime which if they were found guilty of would have resulted in at least 5 years in incarceration.

Here, I want to thank my benefactors and readers of Rome, who donated approx. $1500 to pay my legal costs in another bigger case, last fall, about which I expect soon to be informed, that it too was dropped.

In all, there were 3 cases against me, one moved by the State Police, which is the present one of which I speak; a second by the Carabinieri, outside the Post Office next to Termini Station; and a third by the Police of the City of Rome, which came to be an international sensation, when I was detained for 5 hours in the Piazza di Santa Maria Maggiore for the “crime” of saying the Our Father in public.

Now that I am free to talk about the case from the Piazza del Popolo in October of 2020 A. D., I will relate what happened, for sake of record.

On Oct. 17 of 2020  A. D., the first year of the Scamdemic, I was in the Piazza del Popolo distributing leaflets describing the position of the Catholic Political Party, which I founded with a number of friends — but of which I am no longer a member.

Our leaflets spoke about family values. The police watched us for 2 hours, and we were not wearing masks.

Someone who rejected the natural and divine institution of the family, got in a dispute with one of my friends who was also leafleting. The odious man then reported to the police that which the police could already see, that he was not wearing a mask. He was then accosted by the police who demanded that he wear one, but he produced the official legal excuse of his doctor, regarding his asthma problem, and so they let him go.

So we all moved to another part of the plaza and again hateful people took our leaflets and reported on us.

At that time, my two friends distanced themselves from me at my direction, as the police approached me.

Two state police approached and asked me who I was and what I was doing and I answered. They then asked me to put on a mask, and I pointed out that the regulation about masks was given by an authority without competence in law to make a health decision about my person.

They demanded I show my ID, and I began a discussion asking them why they asked this, since they had no reason to suspect  me of a crime. After 20 minutes, and 10 other policemen and a crowd having gathered, I had defeated and refuted all their reasons and arguments and showed that they did not even now the most basic parts of the Italian Constitution or legal procedure.

Fearing I would file a criminal complaint against them if they so much as touched me, and after identifying myself with my ID, the officers I publicly shamed asked two more policemen who were not there to come and take me to the station. This was a crime, since they cannot detain a person who has identified himself to numerous police and in the presence of numerous witnesss. But they did it anyhow with force, lifting me into the air as I shouted out protests. This, I believe, constituted the crime of unlawful assault and kidnapping.

A Catholic Bishop was on hand and he angrily demanded the police to put me down. They threw me into a police car and took me to the State Police Station near the Pantheon, where they began to treat me inhumanely.

They threw me on the dirty floor of an unheated back room and demanded I remain on the frigid floor for nearly 2 hours, refusing my requests to sit on the bench for those being detained. They said that I was no better than a pig, and therefore I did not deserve to sit like a human being.

Then after the long wait they allowed me to sit and gave me a bottle of water. They deprived me of my US Social Security Card which they never returned to me (another crime), and then handed me a written police report which I refused, saying, “I never touched used toilet paper”.

I also refused to sign it. I was unwittingly inspired by God, because if you refuse to sign and receive such a complaint, for a violation of administrative law, the “crime” lapses immediately.

I found out later, that I was only charged with failing to identify myself to the police! Even though I had done so multiple times. Though I distinctly remember the policemen in the station wanting to charge me for “insulting” the uniform, that is disrespect.

I was then let go on foot without any idea of where I was, exhausted. I had a 2 hour walk home. I got sick the next day from the exposure I suffered.

I then found a lawyer through a good friend (whom I believe was later murdered by the secret police) and I filed a criminal complaint against all 12-14 police men. My friends corroborated my report. I presented my criminal complaint to the Carabinieri, who were terrified upon reading it, and did not want to accept it. So I intimated that I would file a criminal complaint against them if they obstructed my filing!

I have now, by receipt of the official relation of the Prosecutors office been exonerated of all charges. My criminal complaint was also ignored. — Though technically, the case was “archived” which means either that there was no finding of facts sufficient to prosecute, or that the counter claim was too explosive and fact based, or because the State Prosecutor did not have the political courage to prosecute.

The lesson from all of this is: that WE  WON! here in Italy, since everyone had their charges and fines dropped. And we should remind the police of that during the next Plandemic. I for one will do so eloquently!

Finally, that I received this news on the Feast of St. Lawrence of Brindisi, patron of military chaplains, I reckon is a pat on the back from my heavenly confrere, worth more than anything of this world.

For more information about this incident, see here.

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  1. It is so clear to me that the Holy Spirit is working through you. Why? I don’t know anyone who would have stood up to 10-12 policemen during Covid.

    Thank you for your example and faithfulness to the truth.

    1. Well, I think some respect for the habit of St. Francis, that I wear, was the major part of it. The other thing is, that I was friendly throughout and never insulted them. I spoke to them like teenagers in my class, and perhaps no one ever paid them that must respect while resisting their demands.

  2. What a horrific, inhumane & disrespectful way to be treated, especially by police officers .
    One can only imagine the amount of stress & anxiety you must’ve felt being brutalized at their hands. Truly a nightmare dear Brother. All thanks & praise to God that all charges against you were finally dropped. Thank you for the update .. may Our Dear Lord & Savior keep you safe, & may God Bless You Always.

  3. Answered Prayers for Br. Bugnolo…Congratulations!!! A real reason for celebration. Viva Cristo Rey!

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