STEVIA: The Contraceptive Drug which has been added to Manufactured Foods as a Sweetener

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6 thoughts on “STEVIA: The Contraceptive Drug which has been added to Manufactured Foods as a Sweetener”

  1. JDRockerfeller 3 tried to get Pres Nixon to sign on to making abortion the official position of the US government. Nixon absolutely refused. A few months later Watergate happened. Nixon was deposed. Ford, an abortion taxpayer funded abortion advocate as VP under Nixon rises to become the Pres of US, and immediately signs in US funded abortion as US policy. 2 Republicans.I dont know how Ford died. I have read about Nelson’s death.

    1. Gerald Ford was also a philanderer who was one of many raping Kathy O’Brien of MK Ultra’s Project Monarch when she was an OWNED SLAVE OF Senator Robert Byrd. Wife, Betty, of the Addiction Center was clearly driven to her addiction to substances. Not certain of the cause of death; but it’s obvious he wasn’t a very nice man. Here is a Link to Kathy O’Brien’s story. THESE PEOPLE ARE CLEARLY DEMONIC AS THE STORY IS EXTREMELY DEBAUCHED AND AN EVIL NIGHTMARE.

      1. Now, I hope we can all understand why our Catholic ancestors were right in burning some perps at the stake. They ridicule us constantly for this, and now we understand their psychology perfectly.

  2. I do believe that soon ALL food and water will be poisoned to some degree. Other forms of ‘influence’ (i.e. cell phone or house electronic emissions, etc.) should not be dismissed. But the problem has to be defined ASAP: a small group of people are trying to krill us all. I also believe God is going to krill them first.

    1. It seems that the Great Reset is either the Apocalypse or probably more likely, a type of Apocalypse and that there will be a mirroring of apocalyptic events that will start later this year and go on for 7 years until at least 2030. And given the powers that the WHO is trying to get from nation states it seems we will suffer world wide catastrophes such as : “pandemics”, climactic disasters, supposed alien invasions, world war war… etc.

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