THE VATICAN’S TOP SECRET: The substitution of Sr. Lucy at the Request of the CIA

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  1. It’s obvious they are two different people. SisterLucyTruth has forensic evidence from a number of world-renowned experts. I wrote to The Fatima Center about this but no response. They don’t want to negatively impact the donation flow apparently.

    1. Poor Sister Lucy. I think Lucia knew that she was going to be murdered. Our Lady told Francisco and Jacinta about their impending deaths so She might have told Lucia about her death as well. In Lucia’s early memoirs before 1965, she wrote that Jacinta said to her before her she went to the hospital in Lisbon, “Never tell the secret even if they murder you.” I always found that to be a strange statement from a simple and innocent seven year old girl. What would make Jacinta use the word, “murder.” Perhaps it was a telling sign.


    CIA agent William F. Buckley hired Father Malachi Martin to be his religion editor for NATIONAL REVIEW, another CIA magazine (all media is CIA and not working for the USA ever) from 1972-1978 and went from liberal as sanitized by Buckley to a newly-minted conservative in his rag and on Buckley’s PBS program in two interviews of Martin for FIRING LINE. M. B. Martin was outed as the “priest-spy” for the A.D.L. (“who say they are Jews and are not”) in the Vatican II debacle as exposed by LOOK Magazine under his pen name, “Michael Serafian, author of PILGRIM.” Martin confirmed this when put this work into his “also by the author” Catholic-trashing books exposing his Satanista imposter-infiltrators. “Fr.” M. B. Martin doubtless engineered putting the manly Sr. Lucy2 into the Coimbra, Spain, Carmelite monastery; and inserted himself into the “FATIMA PRIEST” and “Fatima Crusader” Father Nicholas Gruner movement to sabotage the last voice for the collegial consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart, the “only” way to peace. M. B. Martin, Semite whose family escaped the Spanish expulsion in 1492 by fleeing to Ireland through France, suffered two strokes late in life. Martin was cut off from contact from friends by heiress-companion-handler-landlady Kakia (“Kakia” is a killer mother-goddess) Livonos. One exception was a visit from an FBI agent making inquiries into the unsolved ritual murder of exorcist-priest Father Alfred Kunz. Claiming to be an exorcist himself (and a bishop secretly ordained by Paul VI), Malachi Martin said in an interview with late-night radio host Art Bell that not only was his “friend” Father Alfred Kunz ritually murdered, six other exorcist-priests were ritually murdered around that same time period. Like Malachi Martin’s intimate knowledge passed to the unsuspecting Father Gruner as to who was allowed to see Sister Lucia (even under Papal Enclosure), Malachi Martin knew a little too much about the still unsolved murder of this canon lawyer and true-blue trad Father Kunz. Catholics should be as suspicious as the FBI. Outed by his brother as bisexual, Malachi Martin was so ruthless he had the spouse of his paramour committed as paranoid for suspecting he was romancing his wife per the book CLERICAL ERROR: A TRUE STORY. Malachi’s Washington, D.C. CIA contacts would include the global money-laundering pedophile and Teflon Cardinal, Theodore McCarrick, appointed to shepherd cash through the Turks & Caicos Islands to Malta and Spain, home of the two founders of Neo-Catechumenal Way/NCW. The NCW “Sub-Church” is in de facto schism as “another” church that claims no Church council before Vatican II is valid or licit. NCW loves money, loves Jewish prayer shawls, and loves Jew-hater (“ON THE JEWS & THEIR LIES) and another faux Father Martin, Doctor Luther. Same Satanistas as of old, the Canaanite – Phoenician – Venetian – City-of-London money-lovers. “They say they are Jews and are not.” NCW was cofounded by the woman whose family owns Spain, and that’s enough cash and clout to subvert the Coimbra, Spain, Carmel of the real Fatima seer, Sister Maria Lucia, O.C.D., and emplace a fake Sr. Lucy2 to reverse the Fatima message. Considering the “Frankist Jew” MODUS OPERANDI of these “good-is-evil” perverts, note that real Jews kicked out these “wife-swapping Jews” by the millions at the Council of Four Lands, Poland. Replacing Sister Lucia with a KADESH “ritual transvestite sodomite” having a massive male brow ridge, chunky jaw and male finger ratio was a Super Duper trick worthy of the Father of Lies & Murder. The Immaculate Heart of Mary has Satan scared as foiling the rule of death & cursing, so Sr. Lucy2 reversed the entire Fatima message. Choose life & blessing. Elect cannot be fooled by the elite. Hunger and thirst for justice for one’s own self-interest because, “NO FATIMA, NO PEACE!”
    “Pray the daily Rosary for peace.” –Our Lady of the Rosary, Fatima, Portugal, 1917 +

  3. Hi Br Alexis,

    Please go and pay a visit to the Postulator for Sr Lucy that was recently declared Venerable — but it is the face of the FAKE Sr Lucy they are showing. This is the Postulator–U741M

    You are already in Rome and you speak Italian so you are the perfect person to convince him.

    Please download and put in a USB KEY ALL the scientific evidence from Sister Lucy and give it to him to peruse.

    It is possible that Francis will canonize the FAKE Sr Lucy when he goes to the Basilica of Fatima on Aug 5th for World Youth Day.

    As a true Crusader, this would be a perfect task for Holy Mother Church and Our Lady of Fatima to prevent the biggest Fatima Fraud from invading the Church….

    1. This narrative is so important for the Vatican and CIA to maintain, that I can be sure that the posulator will know never to hear me out.

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