Gladio Operation, Vox, achieves its goal of keeping Left in Power

Editor’s Note: Vox, the party which is politically supported by known NATO Gladio groups, achieved its purpose of keeping the radical globalist govt of Sanchez in a dominant position. I do not say this because I agree that Vox is a far-right party, as the MSM are wont to describe it, because in truth, VOX is a liberal party the positions of which do not accord entirely with the Catholic view of things. — This election proves that the Spanish are as dominated in their minds by political propaganda as other peoples and that their heroic ancestors would no longer recognize them as their offspring. — In the Spanish system, that alliance wins, which has the fewer cities in which its members compete against one another. VOX as a party never took any ground from the Left, it always competed with the Center and Center Right.

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6 thoughts on “Gladio Operation, Vox, achieves its goal of keeping Left in Power”

  1. I had a discussion with an airline pilot, some time back- a Spaniard . He informed me that the Spanish conservatives or right are not like what we as Americans would think . They are more socialist in their politics .

    It seems to me it is the influence of Opus Dei bishops which keeps the masses in servitude. Is anyone going to expose Jose Maria Escriva for his fraudulent canonization ?

    1. Simple. Pray for his intercession. If you got no sign, then it is not of God. Plus common sense tells that any cleric who supported a dictator is a communist.

      Same treatment as the prayers of the prophets of the false god Baal versus the prayer of Elijah.

  2. Does Spain use Calculating Machines using Online Software linked to some unknown programmer as in the U.S. and Brazil and other PROSPEROUS countries suddenly becoming POVERTY-STRICKEN AND IGNORANT IN FASCISM connected to the Banker Crime Syndicate?

    1. I personally doubt the results of any elections counted by machines and parties controlled by the masonic lodges.

  3. There are no Catholic options as you know and certainly Vox is the only party who actually says they defend life and family but given that the next pandemic is around the corner, I think that the current Socialist government may be less totalitarian than the center right Popular party + Vox. Unlike France for example, Spain did not force people in government to be vaccinated or lose their jobs, although there was plenty of coercion. It could have been a result that Spain is becoming more and more ungovernable.

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