Don Minutella’s technique of Mind Control

Summary, Commentary & Critique by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

I find the exposition here to be a very popular or dramatic one, but as I have observed that the followers of Don Minutella do in fact reject Scripture, Tradition, Dogma and Doctrines, not to mention principles of the moral law, if and when Don Minutella tells them to, having watched this short video, which is obviously made by someone with a keen insight into psychology, that I would have to say that it accurately describes his art of brain washing his viewers. And that he is practiced in it. They do not teach you these things in seminary, however.

I will not transcribe the text, but only summarize, that by every sort of apparently true argument and method of reasoning and persuasion he strives to entice persons to take confidence in himself, then take him as their spiritual director, and then demands total obedience even in things contrary to the Faith, under pain of the fear of eternal damnation, making himself, thus, the source and center of all their religious identity. Nearly all the followers of Minutella whom I know personally are of the same character, weak, uncritical persons, who have a shallow knowledge of the Faith, and a total incapacity to stand on their own feet without belonging to the “group think” of the Piccolo Resto and its leader, who is, thus, a serial psychological manipulator of the most devious kind.

Those who are not brainwashed but still follow him are pragmatic persons who want to obtain something like power, influence, or a certain outcome, rather than trusting in Jesus Christ and doing things the way He has laid down the be done. This is the chief reason why Don Minutella opposed with all his will the election of the successor of Pope Benedict XVI, because, in my opinion his ego will not tolerate any legitimate superior on earth for his followers, but himself.

And it seems to me, that all of his followers arrived in this position, by hating the man Jorge Mario Bergoglio, more than than they love and trust in Jesus Christ. And thus blinded by their hate, because they had no light in their soul to see otherwise, they preferred the company of other haters, as their light, and have transformed themselves unwittingly from children of the light, to children of the darkness, just as St. Teresa of Avila warned, when she said in matters spiritual, that no one is deceived, unless they permit themselves to be deceived.

This all may have to do with the unusually anthropological characteristic of the majority of his followers, who are divorced or cohabiting or who until recently never practiced their faith, and only practiced it according to Minutella’s rubrics. In fact, inasmuch as I know, I cannot name one of his followers who would have been called a devout Catholic before Minutella arrived on the scene.

Yes, we must hate the sin, and not the sinner. And if we do not stick to this Gospel imperative, the waves of scandal, which are so tumultuous and violent in the Church at present, will surely make us founder in similar ways. I pity all these lost souls, as I pity Minutella for destroying himself and his priesthood by the practice of the black arts, for sins of these kinds rarely find remedy in this world, since they cut a person off not only from God but also from all god-fearing folk, and make their victims deaf to truth and reason of every kind.

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4 thoughts on “Don Minutella’s technique of Mind Control”

  1. Is it common in Italy for certain religious to practice magic?

    I know it is condemned in the final chapter of the book of Revelations.

    History shows that the false seer from Italy Mother Eugenia Elisabetta Ravasio also practices magic ( numerology ).

    1. In some parts of Italy, as many as 40% of the residents have at one time or another gone to a witch for advice or cures.

  2. Brother! Today I was questioning so much and I ended up watching a 2 hour social engineering movie but this is the one I needed to see. Thanks for sharing.

  3. It is easy to fall prey to the psychological operators of which Don Minutella is only one of a long line. Pace the Divine Mercy phenomenon, which I immediately saw through, and Medjugorje. In the past I have been seduced by these imposters.

    The real remedy is to be very discerning as to where one learns the true Catholic faith, which is why I visit these pages, but that is always informed by a healthy inquisitive mind with total submission to our Blessed Mother’s Holy Rosary, and visits to the Blessed Sacrament. The Holy Spirit through our guardian angels are always willing to lead us there.

    Thank you for being our guiding light in this swamp of iniquity.

    I found Don Minutella’s sermons were always an oratorical show, even though I don’t speak Italian. I certainly got the gist.

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