Dr. Makis explains how the DeathVaxxes were intentionally designed to cause Turbo Cancers

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13 thoughts on “Dr. Makis explains how the DeathVaxxes were intentionally designed to cause Turbo Cancers”

  1. This video discusses blood clots.

    Presently, a family member is hospitalized in ICU with blood clots in his leg. Blood thinners are not working. And angioplasty surgery was attempted and unsuccessful. His Drs are baffled as they have attempted all historically proven treatments and there has been no affect on the clots. At last update…consultation with Specialists in other states was underway.

    This family member is a 48 year old otherwise healthy male.

    1. May God have mercy on all people who have been deceived by the satanic deception of the globalist demonic creatures.

    2. A colleague of mine, 49 year old male has been out of the office with clots in his leg and lung. Blood thinners don’t work and they concluded that he has a genetic disposition to getting blood clots…

      1. They told our family member this also!

        And now the update is that he has a “benign” tumor growing in the vein adjacent to the artery with the clots!

        Lord have mercy!

    3. Blood thinners won’t work because the red blood cells are already destroyed by the graphene nanotech, as shown many times in their channel. They need to pull that clump of “blood” out like what the morgue workers do to corpses.

  2. In the video Dr Makis tells us that the lipid nano particles can carry the mRNA to all cells in the body. Later he suggests autophagy through 3 days of fasting as a strategy to provoke the body to destroy the cells producing the spike proteins. The problem with this for the ‘vaccinated’ who may have reverse transcribed the mRNA into their genome is if brain cells or heart muscle cells are destroyed, they are not replaced. Consequently, this seems unwise. This has implications for the ‘vaccinated’ should there be future food shortages.

    1. They suffer heart attacks or stroke at any time and that is it. ( they die ). Happened to my brother, to my former boss, some neighbors, my female colleague, some of the politicians as shown in news, and of course actors.

      1. Repeatedly, not just once. Is like the poison persist in the system. My grandfather was healthy and strong all his life, he took 2 poison inyectiom and after that he had a cough, then he suffered 3 “epileptic seizures ” (in a period of 2 years) more like strokes, debilitating him each time (he was an oak, he recovered each from the first 2). The last one sent him to the hospital, where they found cloths and died there. I have a coworker who is suffering “heat strokes” that look like strokes (they are similar, but you have to stretch the argument to say that is a normal heat stroke). Also I have a question, haven’t you notice that people that has taken the poison, look different? Like “old” ? Some other people I have asked this question have the same impression.

  3. Most shots are documented to contain Al, Cs, and worse of all, Hg and Pb. Ingest those and your body will suffer. What is worse is they ARE directly injected 💉 along with graphene. They practically killed the body.

  4. Around me. 54 y.o. serious eye problem (3 operations!): it’s genetic (“my father had eye issues”). 35, endometriosis (3 times at emergencies) cannot sit on a chair (“it’s hell”), works at home in her bed (“I’m not lucky but attention is on me now thanks to this”). Both of them, knee problem (must be a clot, but their doc did not see that as a probability – it’s getting old or genetic (“My grandma has the same” – yes she was 90..). Other ones, early 50, cracked ribs after simple fall (“it’s normal”). Another one, 55, 2 operations in 1 year (knee + suspicion of chest cancer, “it’s getting old”!). And You know what? I’m fed up with having only medical discussions. It’s the main topic everywhere. Nothing else matters anymore. No one says it might be following to.. what we know, safe my poor friend who is now schizophrenic. She did the link (it’s so obvious).
    What I see: hospitals and clinics are cash machines more than ever! And.. this story of “it’s genetic” is a part of the narrative: your genes are bad.. look, it’s so much better if you correct them and chose who you want to be. You see? They already all are bionic, enhanced men.. whereas others ones are organic men. I let you guess who will be considered as alphas or betas.

  5. Where is this data base? What is the name of the study and how can I get it. I believe you but others need to see the study to try and open their minds.

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