Life Site News was founded by a Canadian Masonic Political Group?

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17 thoughts on “Life Site News was founded by a Canadian Masonic Political Group?”

  1. Life Site News is an awesome voice for truth at these horrendous time in the church and the world. Mr. John Henry Westen is a very great defender of Christ, Church and all prosecuted Christian. It is a rare, but strong voice needed so much right now.

    1. No. Western is the very definition of a grifter. Weakening the Catholic Faith from the inside. Confiding the faith in cellphone.

      What time you give him you should rather devote to Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. Any money that is given to him should be given to your nearest parish. They very need much that money, especially for those in the boonies.

      1. The article says that Campaign Life Coalition is a political lobbyist organization. Is this not different than a political party? Or are all Canadian political organizations in any form Masonic?

  2. We live in such times that it’s difficult to know the good posts from the bad ones….so we must pray even harder than ever for God to keep us guarded from error …noone is 100% infallible all of the time.

    1. I recommend praying a rosary daily for the consecration of Russia, for the Holy Father and in reparation for the wrongs done to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. It is only when I started praying the rosary daily for this intention that I found Br. Bugnolo’s site and have learned so much since then

    2. OMC has revealed that the Internet ( WWW ) is actually a web to drain your intelligence and free will. The more you spend in the computer, the more you become evil by saying “evil / committing mortal sin is normal” in your mind.

    1. See if you can find any of their articles advocating the DeathVaxx, or did they take them all down?

      1. One article remained that he supported “the shot”. At the cost of his family:

        Prayer update: LifeSite co-founder’s daughter improving
        John-Henry Westen provides another update on his daughter Mary-Catherine.

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