The RAINS list of Satanic Ritual Abusers: what is it and what does it contain?

Editor’s Note: We need to contemplate the historic coincidence of the near abolition of the Tridentine Mass and the rise of ritual satanic abuse. — Not a few of the surnames of those on this list are not Christian surnames. What they are briefly described as having done here is horrific. Shocking is that the Catholic Dukes of Norfolk —  from whose line the Mariano Rampolla del Tindaro house (from which the Mafia of St. Gallen descends) descends in its episcopal ordinations from Edward Henry Cardinal Howard of Norfolk, who was his principal consecrator — are RITUAL SATANIC ABUSERS. — Names, also is the Catholic Bishop of Portsmouth, England, Msgr. Crispin Hollis, whom Pope Benedict XVI retired; Cardinal Murphy-O’Connor, one of the Members of the Mafia of St. Gallen, who with Cardinal Danneels was one of his chief promoters in the faux Conclave of 2013.

Download the entire list here:

I applaud the work done to compile this list and urge those who treat the victims of ritual child abuse, in all nations, compile and publish such lists. And dear readers, please let me know, in the comments below, of other such lists, because these lists are the key to understanding the heart of Globalism and Freemasonry.

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  1. I had read part of this list some time ago. I don’t think i had read those names, but I am appalled!

  2. Cardinal Cormac Murphy O’Connor, Bishop Crispin Hollis of Portsmouth and Ruth Kelly, and Opus Dei member…..

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