VATICAN: Pope Francis meets with head of W.H.O.

You have to break out laughing, that the head of the WHO is called an “Orthodox Christian”.

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5 thoughts on “VATICAN: Pope Francis meets with head of W.H.O.”

  1. I wonder what they talked about and especially how Pope Francis responded….

    Dr. Tedros : So your Holiness, Can we have your full support during the next pandemic? As you know, it is going to be far worse than the last one.

  2. So…Where’s the Tedros’s Rasputin, Jeremy Farrar…Of Wellness Trust who helped to develop the Ai/Bioweapon Injections with Regina Dugan who was promoted to his old position as CEO.

  3. In one of her visions Anne-Catherine Emmerich mentions ‘I saw heretics of all kind flocking to the city (Rome).’

  4. This is the ‘Catholic’ MSM of the USA where Truth is a stranger but lies & deception are commonplace……all funded by the corrupt & immoral USCCB who are obedient to, and slaves of, the demonic globalists……as indeed are the Vatican and the W.H.O.!

    Ironic laughter is also appropriate for a cabal that calls itself ‘World HEALTH Organisation’ but, as we know only too well, was a major factor in the 2020 Scamdemic & subsequent death-vaxxes and has already forewarned us of the next Plandemic-genocide wherein it will have even more control……

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