WHO and 23 World-Leaders push for new International Treaty to guarantee access to DeathVaxxes

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In related news …

WHO Pandemic Treaty nears approval …

NOTE WELL that nearly all news regarding the amendments to the WHO Treaty in May, at the 66th World Health Assembly, has been removed from search engines. This is no doubt so that the compliance of national governments can be made as quickly as possible without public outcry, and perhaps also to hide the fact that many have already given their consent. Getting this new amended treaty approved is entirely different from the news ABOVE which regards a treaty regarding making DeathVaxxes available. It is reported on Wikipedia, that the 67th World Health Assembly in May of 2024 will vote on the acceptance of a new Pandemic Treaty, which will make each nation obliged by law to accept the WHO has the chief authority in pandemic responses.

I am inclined to suspect that the Globalists might call another Plandemic before May of 2024, so as to seal the consent of all nations to this new treaty, as part of the hysteria induced compliance of MSM terrorism that they will launch it with. So while May 2024 might be the preparation for the launch of the next Plandemic, it must just as well be an point after that launch.

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