Martin Mosebach: The Church’s Conciliar Reforms have ended in disaster

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6 thoughts on “Martin Mosebach: The Church’s Conciliar Reforms have ended in disaster”

  1. An excellent summary of the ‘destruction from within’ implemented at Vatican II but planned ‘from without’ as Doctrinal Warfare strategies in the 1950s……

    Cdl Ratzinger [subsequently Benedict XVI} predicted that the Church would become much smaller until only a small faithful remnant were left, from which She would consolidate before growing again……

    And the many prophecies of Our Lady, especially at Fatima and Akita in the 20th century, have all become realities……

    But the current Church hierarchy, blinded as they are by modernist pride, masonic ‘fraternity’, ecumaniacal shallowness, and mercy-without-judgment weakness, they are [with one or two rare exceptions] all like the proverbial ostriches ‘burying their heads in the sand’ – that very ‘shifting’ sand on which it is impossible to build a strong & lasting foundation!

    Kyrie eleison;
    Christe eleison;
    Kyrie eleison.

    1. Church got incredibly smaller because millions of Catholics got sucked up into the dicastery of faith’s promulgations. Not knowing left or right millions jumped to the bandwagon to Hell.

      We are lucky to be red pilled. It is our duty now to inform priests over and over lest our priests commit the sin against the Holy Spirit.

  2. “Dicastery” of Faith might intentionally be meant “inverse of Faith” from the root word caster, to turn.


    Etymology. cast +‎ -er; the wheel sense comes from obsolete cast (“to turn”).

    1. Well, what they are upto in the new Dicastery certainly has nothing to do with “dike”, the greek for “justice”

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