6 thoughts on “NIGER: Military stage coup d’état, arrest President”

  1. My priest is from Nigeria and he is so weary. He gets many letters a day asking him for help. He asks all to pray! God in your mercy protect Your people and bring peace to that country.

  2. Niger and Nigeria are two different countries.
    The 1st name of the ‘overthrown’ president is a variation of Mohammed, who was demoncratically elected.

    The hour is ‘late’, lately, latelie.

    It is never too late to turn to Jesus and Mary.—Jesus to Sr. Lucia, Rianjo, Spain, Aug 19, 1931

    Pray and ask, seek, knock, (ASK) for much, very much.
    Diary of St Faustina, pr 1578 pg346,7

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