VATICAN: Pope Francis greets WYD attendees in Homoerotic Hall

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The icons you venerate reveal the religion of the heart. And that principle is quite in evidence, in the choice of venues chosen by Pope Francis to meet WYD attendees from Australia, on their way to Lisbon, Portugal. — Click the image above to read the article from the official Archdiocesan website for Melbourne, Australia.

But my commentary here regards this photo, and principally the painting hanging on the wall behind the Pope.

Here is that painting, at higher resolution:

The image features two nude human beings in a very intimate embrace. They are placed in a circle of light, as if in Paradise, and are surrounded by the symbols of the Zodiac. The symbol for Pisces has been placed where in modern times the title of a painting is displayed. The Cancer (crab) symbol is also the symbol for a particularly perverse kind of sodomy. The angel to the right appears to be rubbing his crotch, while the angel on the left adores the sexual scene.

It is Pope Francis who chose to hold his meeting with the youth in this hall, and the photographer and editor of the Melbourne Catholic, in his photographs, seems to have understood the message by their own emphasis the presence of young, gay-looking youth.

I am not a parent, but I would presume these clerics are part of a pedophile ring of international sex traffickers and that is the true religion of the Mafia of St. Gallen.


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21 thoughts on “VATICAN: Pope Francis greets WYD attendees in Homoerotic Hall”

      1. I erred in the first version of this article: its cancer, not pisces which has the same shape as 69

  1. The sigma symbol on top is a dead giveaway. It is used by memes around the social media for “sex”.

    Plus why are 2 men naked embracing and biting each other’s necks?

    It is a den of evil. Stay out, lest you get raped.

  2. Is it possible to file suit against this heresy? HOW can the laity remove this horrific man and his depraved filth?

      1. The Bishops of the province of Rome, not the Cardinals, participate in a provincial council.

    1. Exactly, as in Heaven, so on earth, in a very twisted perverse way. As one serial pervert in Boston said many years ago, as quoted in the Boston Globe, “We gays in the Church have entirely different and parallel meaning for every symbol”.

  3. How disgusting. It’s literally in your face now. Do you think they would ever have a picture of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph? Never, they don’t do any actual Catholic things.

  4. You see those 4 symbols, that look like characters? Those are all characters representing sodomy. I searched in Google.

    Youths really should be running out of that place, or should at least feel a chill on their spine ( if they are in a State of Grace, their angels will give them a serious shakedown to warn them, or if a saint, that room would STINK ).

    1. In the above video, one sees the author of the painting call it an image of “Cosmic Love”. and says it is inspired by the final verse of Dante, “the Love that moves the heavens and stars”, which however he got 100% wrong, since Dante talked about God, not eros. And like many modern artists he weaves a big explanation to hide the ugliness and lies in his work of “art”, for he calls this love, “philea”, which is the love of friendship, as between two men, rather than charitas, which is the gratutious love, or agape, which is the love which is communal, as at mass. So it is pretty clear that he has left open the act of sodomy as the central principal in his cosmos, because if he intended otherwise, he would not have represented both human figures without gender.

  5. I enlarged the image and it seems to me the angel on the right isn’t ‘rubbing his crotch’ – he and the other one are working some lever mechanism to turn the globe thing by the looks of it.

    1. There is what is depicts from close up, and what it seems to depict from afar, double entendre exists even in art

  6. The iconography was chosen by my father after years of study of the medieval sacred Christian art. He was a very believing man and it is so sad to read these comments bases on “accurate researches.. on Google”.
    A man and a woman (two different sized figures) are embracing. They represent a pure example of
    “L’Amor che move il sole e l’altre stelle” that comes from God. Here the original iconography:
    The work was chosen by pope Giovanni Paolo II, welcomed by pope Benedictus and now is part of the private rooms of Franciscus 1st.
    In other words it is an original iconography that was appreciated by Benedictus XVI. I wonder how is it possible that one of the most important doctors of the Christ’s Church considered the art of my father a perfect example of modern reinterpretation of the traditional medieval Christian Art while the comments in this chat consider it an example of perversion. My father used to say that “the sex is in the eyes of the beholder..”

    1. Pace to your father, but in all honesty he was a lousy artist and a worse theologian. And I say this as an anthropologist who appreciates the monuments of culture from round the world. That John Paul II, Benedict XVI or Pope Francis appreciated your father’s work, does not concern me one bit, since I think beauty is objective. As for concluding your comment with a vile ad hominem, all I can say is that the Vatican installed the piece of art, so yes, you direct your comment to the wrong audience.

      But as regards your testimony that your father intended to portray a man and woman embracing, I thank you for that, since it confirms my estimation that he intended to depict human persons deprived of all identity and sexuality in an artistic endeavor to perpetrate the worst possible crime against human individuality and sexuality. As an anthropologist, I consider that the worse artistic crime possible.

      And that is precisely the crime globalists are in the process of perpetrating, with their horrible gender ideology and transhumanism movements.

      I appreciate Davinci’s Last Supper for its artistic and historical accuracy. But this painting by your father, is the equivalent of that, with dog vomit placed all over the mensa, since your father has appropriated forms of symbolism which had to do with putting God at the center of things, but has instead put desexualized sexual relations of two human beings at the center of the cosmos. This is sick and twisted.

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