ISRAEL: Zionists conducting a mini-war to steal Christian Monastery

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7 thoughts on “ISRAEL: Zionists conducting a mini-war to steal Christian Monastery”

  1. The monk in the 3rd video is saying “Lord Jesus, we pray to you, we implore you, Jesus Christ, that they may discover the grace of God.”

  2. Was there an event of some kind preceding this protest? What is happening in Israel that they’ve turned against the Catholics and Christians? I’ve not lived in time of enmity between the two groups and there seems to be underlying infection festering…With more anger erupting and some outright hatred. Where is this originating from?

    1. Perhaps from the illegal war against the natives of Palestine in 1945 by a terrorist organization backed by former nazis and the CIA.

      1. Indeed. Jewish immigration to Palestine started back the late 19th century when there used to be only 5000 jews there….. now there are 8 million and they outnumber the palestinians 4 to 1.

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