USA: Bishop confronted by George Neumayr days before his suspicious death, was FBI informant

Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Weeks before his suspicious death, I personally warned the crusading Catholic investigative reporter, George Neumayr not to bang on the doors of Catholic Bishops in the USA, because they are a Mafia with ties in the Deep State, and they can get their friends to have you murdered, if you get in their faces.

He did not take my counsel.

Weeks later, George Neumayr was dead.

While many have speculated about the cause of his death, as AJ and I did in our report about this; I now believe the State Department was implicated in arranging his assassination by means of anti-body priming. For though he got all the necessary vaccines for his trip to Africa, upon arriving at the airport in the USA, he was told they were not valid and he would have to get them again, all at once. Thus when he arrived in Africa his immune system was shot, and in that state it over reacted to being exposed to malaria, which is endemic there. He was dead some 3-4 days later.

Others speculate he was poisoned at a Restaurant he frequented, going so far as to publicly identify the place in his social media posts, a thing which possibly invited mischief.

Well, my warning to George Neumayr becomes all the more real, now, that it has been revealed in the U.S. Congress by the head of the F.B.I. that the Bishop, George was accosting, Msgr. Knestout, was a F.B.I. informant!

How important is this bishop to the Deep State?

Important enough that the Deep State would be willing to kill his enemies, to prevent revelation of what he is really involved in, becoming known? And is that, the sex-trafficking of children? (See here)

Just as Emmanuela Orlandi had to be disappeared to protect CIA interests in the Vatican at the highest levels?

George, may you rest in peace, you are martyr for justice and truth, and for the cleansing of the Church which must come, either by men, or by the Vengeful Hand of God.

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5 thoughts on “USA: Bishop confronted by George Neumayr days before his suspicious death, was FBI informant”

    1. But isn’t that simply being rash? True bravery is a virtue that is influenced by other virtues like prudence.

      Nevertheless, he clearly didn’t realize the danger he was in going against these psychopaths.

  1. The more I read about the nefarious USCCB, the more corrupt & immoral are the revelations!

    So, despite its many faults which include an overwhelming percentage of the Christian population being protestants of one stripe or another, I am ‘glad’ to reside in England’s “green & pleasant land” where our Bishops’ Conference of England & Wales are quite ‘moderate’ in their stance especially as regards our TLM communities which, with the exception of a couple of dioceses, have survived unscathed over the past couple of years from the diktats issued from the Vatican.

    But, as I have commented elsewhere, we lack a UK-based Catholic apostolate that is prepared to investigate and report on any malpractice within the various Bishops’ Conferences…

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