Executive at Moderna admits they knew the Pandemic would be launched year before

When they admit these things, we should share the information with all the politicians in our region. No comment is necessary to prove the fraud.

Though part of what she says is a lie, since Moderna was only one of the companies which packaged the DeathVaxx under its name. It was manufactured in bulk by U.S. Department of Defense contractors.

With Globalist Censorship growing daily, No one will ever know about the above article, if you do not share it.

3 thoughts on “Executive at Moderna admits they knew the Pandemic would be launched year before”

  1. They’re not only admitting the Con…They’re rationalizing it and seeking to market and sell the evil as appropriate in the current delusional manifestations of ‘overpopulation’. THAT IS THE KEY IN MANY OF THEIR MINDS…Even beyond ‘Climate Change’. Have received numerous contacts and comments to past Comments made by me to JUSTIFY the evil as though they’re seeking to change minds. They’ve even went so far as to complement me in such a manner as to be a veiled threat. Then, they INSULTED ME AND DEFINED ME ARROGANT AND IN OPPOSITION TO THE EARTH.
    Believe this is Ai Generated…And, it’s not only me receiving this pattern of contact with whatever hides behind the Electronic Veil. Their level of terror escalates which means they become a greater threat…They’re entering into a new level of sublimation FROM/ORIGINATING with the masses and they’re using Ai TO TEST US.

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