Nicole Schwab says Permanent Green-Lockdowns are coming whether you like it or not

Editor’s Note: The title of the linked article summarizes her philosophy, it does not quote her.

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24 thoughts on “Nicole Schwab says Permanent Green-Lockdowns are coming whether you like it or not”

  1. I saw my supposed employer in UK is already locked down to his room so no surprise.

    It might have arrived early on most workers of the IT industry. Fully employed and embracing the chained at home mentality.

    1. Being free on your own farm is better than being locked down in a cubicle in the midst of a mad house.


    “We need everyone to follow a green path. COVID-19 brought us all together as a global community to combat one of the deadliest pandemics to hit our planet in the past 100 years. Let’s use that same spirit and solidarity to tackle the biggest existential threat over the next century.”

    WEF, 24 september 2020
    “Emissions fell during lockdown. Let’s keep it that way”

    WEF 23 October 2020

    Emissions have fallen this year. Now we need to make it permanent

    1. Seeing that it is the companies owned by the Globalists who cause all the pollution and emissions, we can start by arresting the Globalists and confiscate all their wealth…

  3. Having contracted Covid in Jan ’21. And having studied a course which was basically nurses training with a twist, and now being advanced in years, this is my observation as to beating disease….watch your diet. As little sugar as possible (. My joints ache with arthritis when I eat sugar in any form. Cut it out and I can run like a teenager.) Diet drinks and food are not good either. A good water purifier is a good investment. Basically, food from an organic garden is best. All info is online if you look for it. No fast food basically. No fatty foods or meat. Fruits and vegetables. Gluten is a problem. B12, D3, C, Magnesium, Melatonin for sleep prn. And also pray the Rosary and go to daily Mass and monthly Confession.

      1. Well. Never in my life has any illness EVER been so long and so hard. I could not breathe. That was the symptom that got most people in the hospital. I fought it at home, going to emergency room, Dr after Dr .Emergency room 3 or 4 times. My mother passed on to me a condition she had as a mature woman. She could be dying and never had a fever.Same with, that was the first criteria, and when they took my temp it was98.6…so, they sent me to a psychiatrist.. which I cancelled the appointment .. so they kicked me out the system. Now I have no Dr..

      2. There is something which feels like a fever but is not a fever, it’s called Biker’s fever, but it is a process of metabolism of fats in the skin, on account of a low sugar level in the blood and a high metabolic rate in the body. Elderly people often encounter this because their metabolism speeds up as the years pass, and they then to lose their appetite. But most MDs have never studied sports nutrition and so do not know what it is.

        It feels like a fever, because the mitocondria of the skin are burning fats to create the energy the body cannot find due to low carb intake at that moment.

        This sensation of fever can theoretically go on for days on end, if the food in take of the person is perfectly balanced on the low side with a high metabolism. To end it, just eat a full meal rich in carbs, such as pasta, pizza etc.. However, it is not a dangerous situation unless you are underweight.

      3. There is such a thing as Covid, whatever it is and whoever made it, but it is a thing. You undermine yourself by steadfastly refusing to acknowledge it.

      4. There is nothing behind Covid. But venom does make you sick. I have reported on this extensively, which is why it is you who undermine your credibility by insisting it exists.

      5. In my opinion covid is krait snake venom lipids that a person has somehow injested or contracted due being shed on. The symptoms are similar to a cold with a distinct difference: blood clotting, severe headache, fever, chills, extreme tiredness…

        It was probably seeded in key places (Bergamo, Italy and Vitória, Spain) somehow in early 2020 and spread like a virus becoming weaker with each wave. Nevertheless, most of the “cases of covid” were probably just the common cold.

  4. What is the legitimity of those crazy germans? Nobody asks.
    WEF is nothing. VDLH is nothing. Powder power. Just listen to KS’ speeches: ridiculous. And the accent is just laughable. Is really someone taking those unsane fools for serious people? Awful.

  5. Rewritten history tells that the French Monarchy in 1789 is underfeeding their people, which is a lie. Now the Globalists will make that famine and lockdowns a reality.

    The ultimate price for putting Globalists in positions rather than Catholic monarchs.

  6. WEFEWrs / demoncrats:

    The only permanent lockdown is the eternal lockdown in Hell.

    Your god ASKd Jesus, God the Son, Son of God and Son of Mary, for the power and time to destroy His, Christ’s Church, Humanity. WEFEWrs / demoncrats, your god, Lucifer / Satan, a creature, and the Liar and Murderer from the Beginning, ASKd Christ. Christ granted your god the limited power and 100 yrs.
    (Ref. The two simultaneous private audiences Christ gave on Oct 13, 1884: to Satan and to Leo XIII. Begone Satan, by Rev. Carl Vogl)

    We’re in the last decade for the decadent to deny, to deprive, to ‘destroy’ The(o) Church, Christ’s Church, The(o) Church Militant, Humanity. You WEFEWrs, you useful idiots, would reduce us useless eaters to 500million. (The Georgia Guidestones.) Christ says that we useless servants and idiots, humanity, will be reduced to 1/4 – 1/3, 2B – 2.7B, from 8 Billion. All of the ill-will and some of the good will. We Are Warned, free online PDF. Also, Lord of the Rings: Apocalyptic Prophecies, E. A. Bucchanieri

    Mary, the Immaculate, showed the three little shepherds a vision of hell where too many souls end up in a permanent lockdown because no one prays for them.
    Mary, the Immaculate, showed ~70k people a preview of artificial and natural fire falling upon the world as a sign that Heaven and Hell are real. It did them no harm.

    The Biological, Chemical, Nuclear weapons of mass destruction being used in the planned Pestilences, Famines, and Wars to annihilate, exterminate, liquidate useful idiots, useless eaters is not real? The Prince of Darkness is no Conspiracy Theorist. The Prince of Darkness, the Devil, the Corrupter, Polluter, Destroyer of all Flesh and Blood is the Conspiracy Theoretician without equal. And he will gorge himself on all his ‘innocent’ victims in Hell forever.

    Die we must. Then Judgment, then Heaven or Hell.

    We useless eaters, (to the Demoncrat and demoncrats), don’t need you useful idiots, demoncrats, (to the Demoncrat), to go to Hell. (Paraphrasing St. Anthony of Padua.)

    Unless you eat My Flesh and drink My Blood, says Jesus, you will not have life everlasting.
    Do all He tells you to do, says Mary, His and Our Mother.

    In vindication of the Thanksgiving, Adoration, Reparation, Petition due Jesus in the Eucharist, and His Most Sacred Heart; and the Hyperdulia due the Immaculate Heart of Mary, may God rebuke and punish those who are obstinate in desecrating His Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity, and in offending His and Our Mother, Our Lady, and Our Queen.

    Pray and ask for much, very much.
    Agnus Dei, qui tollis pecatta mundi, …

    1. You can quote Padre Pio on that, “…they ( he looked at the little children of about 8 – 9 years old ) WILL SEE THE TRIUMPH OF THE IMMACULATE HEART!”. I recall he said it around 1954-1955, a decade after WW II.

      We are now at the crossroads. It is a BIG WASTE OF TIME to work for the Globalists AS YOU ARE ASSISTING to starve yourself or to rob you of your Church.

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