FRANCE: Total Anarchy reigns in Cities dominated by Muslims

Looting is now widespread …

Black-shirts are beating up Native Frenchmen on sight, with the most terrible viciousness …

Total mayhem reigns in the streets …

The rioters are using professional equipment to destroy and steel, while attacking Police stations to increase the number of weapons they have:

Transportation equipment is being robbed from citizens with impunity:

Protesters openly chase police:

What it looked like in Marseille, two days ago:

In related news, Musk is being ridiculed the world-over for his patent attempt to limit all human speech world-wide during this insurrection.

UPDATE: Meanwhile Muslim rioters are threatening to BURN ALIVE women at bars, if they are not dressed properly

VATICAN: Pope Francis appoints “Kissing” Expert to non-existent Office

Editor’s Note: As the readers of FromRome.Info know, the vast majority of Catholics have chosen to live the lie that Pope Benedict XVI validly renounced the Papal Office in 2013. But since he never did, and was pope until Dec. 31, 2022, when he passed from this life, the attempted act of Jorge Mario Bergoglio in 2022 of reforming the Roman Curia has no legal effect.

Therefore, this new appointment is to a non existent job. There is a Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, but there is no such thing as the Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith.

For a juridical act reforming the Roman Curia, the one who posits the act must hold the supreme Papal Authority. Only Pope Benedict XVI held such authority in 2022. Pope Francis now holds such an authority, but he has not reconfirmed his reform of 2022 with any juridical act.

To those who have no faith, this matters not.

But to those who trust in the words of Jesus Christ, we see that the joke is on them.

In addition, since the Roman Curia lost all authority to act upon the renunciation of ministry of Pope Benedict XVI in 2013, no act of the Roman Curia has had any binding force since then. Neither do any acts of the Tribunals or “Dicasteries”.

The next Pope who is properly informed, will be able to undertake the Great Catholic Reset, which I coined, and which Archbishop Vigano has also spoke about, when all the invalid acts of the antipope will be clearly proclaimed as such, and the Church can return to the status quo of Feb. 10, 2013.

FRANCE: Islamic Insurrection spreads to 70 Districts, spreads to Belgium & Switzeland

And Twitter is censoring all who report the truth …

FRANCE: The Islamic Insurrection is a WEF Project — Analysis

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

All the fingerprints point to one suspect: the World Economic Forum.

At the end of April, Must gets $13 Billion in Financing, and appoints the Weffer Yaccarino an Algerian Jewess to be CEO of Twitter.

Soon conservatives are being banned, suspended, and shadowbanned.

Ordo Militaris Catholicus’ main account @MilitarisCath was banned on about June 15th, for advocating the start of a Youth Camp in Europe to defend Europe.

Even @OrdoMilitarisEU after a few days of liberty was tombstoned for advocating the defense of Europe, and this around June 19th.

Then the entire MSM of France exploded on June 27, 2023 (9+9+9 / 6 / 6+1) over the justified shooting of a career criminal who having stolen a car, running over a pedestrian, and refusing to get out, started the car to escape.

Then simultaneously organized and armed Islamic criminal gangs and militia poured into the streets of France, burning, destroying, killing, maiming.

Videos are now showing they have formed armed militia, have received weapons and weapon grade explosives.

During this time Twitter responded by throttling all reports and accounts of the Mayhem in France, going so far as even to prevent those off platform reading about it.

UPDATE: Musk has now invented an excuse to prevent everyone from reading too much on his own platform. He has totally folded to information control:

This is a George-Floyd operation. It was planned, organized, armed, and prepared.

Plus, Macron called the police out late and weakly, to allow the “riots” to grow.

In my opinion, precisely because the WEF want it, IT WILL SPREAD to the cities of Europe with high Islamic population centers.

Prepare for a summer of Chaos.

FRANCE: Insurrectionist forming Islamic Army, patrolling streets

FRANCE: Islamic Insurrectionists beat Catholic Priest unconscious, steal phone and kept kicking him

Summary In English, by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Father Francis Palle, of the Congregation of St. Vincent de Paul at Etienne, was brutally assaulted and rendered unconscious by a mob of Muslims, during the ongoing insurrection in France.

He is in Hospital, in serious condition with grave injuries.

According to eye witnesses, the mob attacked Father Palle without any instigation. It is not yet known whether he was in clerical garb or not, but several videos suggest that all white people on the streets were being targeted for violent attack.

After beating him to a state of unconsciousness, they continued to kick him as he lay on the ground. One of the mob also stole his cellphone.


Musk says AI Startups were doing Massive Data Collection from Twitter Users’ Activity

He replied thus to complaints that one can no longer read threads of embedded tweets, which FromRome.Info reported on yesterday.

UPDATE: Musk announced a new kind of censorship, unheard of every in social media:

Meanwhile on CrossAuzre.Net, servers have been upgraded 400% to accomodate new subscribers, and Br. Bugnolo is sharing memes about the Crusades … AND THERE IS NO LIMIT to how many posts you can read. In fact, CrossAzure already throttles non-users who attempt to read the site, as this technology is 5 years old, but Musk has not discovered it yet (really, he is just fooling everyone with a lie).