VATICAN: Pope Francis greets WYD attendees in Homoerotic Hall

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The icons you venerate reveal the religion of the heart. And that principle is quite in evidence, in the choice of venues chosen by Pope Francis to meet WYD attendees from Australia, on their way to Lisbon, Portugal. — Click the image above to read the article from the official Archdiocesan website for Melbourne, Australia.

But my commentary here regards this photo, and principally the painting hanging on the wall behind the Pope.

Here is that painting, at higher resolution:

The image features two nude human beings in a very intimate embrace. They are placed in a circle of light, as if in Paradise, and are surrounded by the symbols of the Zodiac. The symbol for Pisces has been placed where in modern times the title of a painting is displayed. The Cancer (crab) symbol is also the symbol for a particularly perverse kind of sodomy. The angel to the right appears to be rubbing his crotch, while the angel on the left adores the sexual scene.

It is Pope Francis who chose to hold his meeting with the youth in this hall, and the photographer and editor of the Melbourne Catholic, in his photographs, seems to have understood the message by their own emphasis the presence of young, gay-looking youth.

I am not a parent, but I would presume these clerics are part of a pedophile ring of international sex traffickers and that is the true religion of the Mafia of St. Gallen.


New Cardinal Patriarch of Jerusalem involved in Massive Charity Fraud

Editor’s Note: The Latin Patriarch is a former Franciscan priest. I have never met him, but years ago when I was looking for the Latin texts of St. Francis’ writings, it was this priest who sent me a partial copy. This was around 1997. Years later when I contacted him about restoring the observance in the Order, he told me he did not have time, since his top priority was women’s rights in Afghanistan. I am sad to see his moral downfall, but it seems impossible to get to high office in the Church today without participating in some sort of criminal activity.

Muslims are killing Christian youth in the streets, for looking at them the wrong way


This Saturday, July 22, shortly after 6:00 p.m., the young Enzo Parissot was stabbed to death in broad daylight and in the middle of the street by a group of immigrants. The 15-year-old victim went with his girlfriend to his local football stadium, La Haye-Malherbe (Eure). They came across two other foreign teenagers who scolded Enzo for a simple look, starting a fight. One of the refugees pulled out a knife and mortally wounded Enzo with a stab wound to the chest. The mass media have ignored the news, as usual when it comes to a case of multicultural violence, and only activists on social networks and some small media have stopped to denounce this francocide.

That is the reality.

Here is a real solution …

Globalists continue to incite Islamic Rage against Denmark and Sweden

Meanwhile, there is no rage in the press about the real horrors …

Editor’s Note: It is quite evident that if the Globalist want to, that they can stir up the rage of 10’s of millions of Muslims and get their govts. to allow them emigrate in mass, in a huge Jihad, against the West. I think the only thing holding the WEF back for a project like this is that they are too cheep to pay for it.

The RAINS list of Satanic Ritual Abusers: what is it and what does it contain?

Editor’s Note: We need to contemplate the historic coincidence of the near abolition of the Tridentine Mass and the rise of ritual satanic abuse. — Not a few of the surnames of those on this list are not Christian surnames. What they are briefly described as having done here is horrific. Shocking is that the Catholic Dukes of Norfolk —  from whose line the Mariano Rampolla del Tindaro house (from which the Mafia of St. Gallen descends) descends in its episcopal ordinations from Edward Henry Cardinal Howard of Norfolk, who was his principal consecrator — are RITUAL SATANIC ABUSERS. — Names, also is the Catholic Bishop of Portsmouth, England, Msgr. Crispin Hollis, whom Pope Benedict XVI retired; Cardinal Murphy-O’Connor, one of the Members of the Mafia of St. Gallen, who with Cardinal Danneels was one of his chief promoters in the faux Conclave of 2013.

Download the entire list here:

I applaud the work done to compile this list and urge those who treat the victims of ritual child abuse, in all nations, compile and publish such lists. And dear readers, please let me know, in the comments below, of other such lists, because these lists are the key to understanding the heart of Globalism and Freemasonry.

WHO and 23 World-Leaders push for new International Treaty to guarantee access to DeathVaxxes

Attention, since the above article is at the W.E.F. official website, you are urged not to view it without masking your IP with a VPN service.

For this reason FromRome.Info publishes the url, and does not link the image.

In related news …

WHO Pandemic Treaty nears approval …

NOTE WELL that nearly all news regarding the amendments to the WHO Treaty in May, at the 66th World Health Assembly, has been removed from search engines. This is no doubt so that the compliance of national governments can be made as quickly as possible without public outcry, and perhaps also to hide the fact that many have already given their consent. Getting this new amended treaty approved is entirely different from the news ABOVE which regards a treaty regarding making DeathVaxxes available. It is reported on Wikipedia, that the 67th World Health Assembly in May of 2024 will vote on the acceptance of a new Pandemic Treaty, which will make each nation obliged by law to accept the WHO has the chief authority in pandemic responses.

I am inclined to suspect that the Globalists might call another Plandemic before May of 2024, so as to seal the consent of all nations to this new treaty, as part of the hysteria induced compliance of MSM terrorism that they will launch it with. So while May 2024 might be the preparation for the launch of the next Plandemic, it must just as well be an point after that launch.