BERLIN: Archbishop publicly embraces the HomoHeresy

Editor’s Note: The article’s headline is canonically erroneous, since “with impunity” only has meaning if someone has denounced him for his heresy and sought his punishment. — Here is another example of grifting on orthodoxy, that is, claiming you are catholic merely because you lament heresy, but never denouncing heresy, because if the problem went away, no one would read your newspaper.

The Archbishop’s heresy is now a documented canonical fact, since he published it in a 2000 word, five page, declaration, the sum of which is, ““it is no longer possible to say that all who are in any so-called irregular situation are in a state of mortal sin and have lost sanctifying grace”.  — The only thing that would make such a saying impossible is apostasy, the personal rejection of the Revealed Truth.

The Archbishop of Berlin can be denounced in a provincial council of the Ecclesiastical Province of Berlin, which is composed of the Dioceses of Berlin, Dresden-Meißen (Meissen) and Görlitz. Since the Archbishop has put his heresy in writting, the other two bishops can proceed to convoke the Provincial Council on their own initiative and summon him to it. There they can demand his recantation and emendation, and if he refuses declare him deposed ipso facto on the grounds of formal pertinacious heresy, in virtue of canon 1364. — Catholics can write the Bishop of either diocese demanding such an action be undertaken. — After all, no one should be afraid of dialoging with the truth. And the mere fact that he be summoned, does not mean he has to persist in his error.

ITALY: Devout Catholic Ironworker given sign from God, moments before being killed by out of control Train

Editor’s Note: Those whom the Lord Jesus loves, He cares for with a special providence. Here is this amazing story of Michael Zanera’s last moments of life, in English, via google translate:

“It’s the first time this has happened to me. While I was balancing the rail, a crucifix came out. God definitely wants to tell me something even though I call him every day lately because it’s not a good time for me”. This is the text of the tragic last post on social media by Michael Zanera, one of the five workers overwhelmed and killed by a train traveling at 160 km/h on the Turin-Milan railway line. The accident occurred in Brandizzo, where Michael was working with some colleagues. On Tiktok he published the photo of that image that was formed while welding those rails, a few moments before the crash, with “The power of love” in the background. In that crucifix, Michael had seen a message from above. He was a very believer and relied on faith especially during the last difficult period. For this he immediately decided to photograph and post the crucifix on social media. He didn’t know it would be the last message. “I think he’s sending you a message, he has a special job for you. It depends on what you asked for: serenity, love or a different world », the response on TikTok from Franco, a friend who is also a welder. “Everything you asked for I wanted years ago but it didn’t come. I think this is a sign.”

USA: The Biden Administration aims to Assassinate President Trump?

Editor’s Note: I agree with their suspicion. Let’s pray they do not stoop to such a level, as it will likely mean civil war in the USA.

ITALY: Papal Adviser blasphemes the Lord Jesus in National Editorial


Click the image above to read the article by Edward Pentin about Fr. Spadaro

It is a grave duty to defend the honor of the Divine Majesty. We should not sit around and talk about Spadaro’s outrageous blasphemies against the Son of God, we should demand his public correction and recantation.

At stake here is the very existence of the Catholic Church as a Christian religion. The Marxist interpretation which Spadaro used to fault the Lord Jesus for being a nationalist, bigot, racist, fake theologian, is a historic outrage against the Living God, the truth of Scripture, and the Faith of the Church.

If he will not publicly recant, then we should demand a Provincial Council in the Ecclesiastical Province of Rome to denounce him, censure him and excommunicate him and all who hold the same opinions. Furthermore, all Bishops in the province who do not likewise denounce his blasphemies and heresies should be forced to resign. Canon Law gives a provincial council this authority. If Pope Francis does not want to denounce Spadaro, in council his resignation, too, should be demanded. And if he professes the same heresies, then the Council should declare him ipso facto deposed from office.

Who can take effective action to call such a Council? Any Bishop incardinated in the Roman Church, that is, at the Vatican, in the Diocese of Rome, or in one of the Dioceses  of the Province: Albano, Anagni-Alatri, Civita Castellana, Civitavecchia-Tarquinia, Frascati, Frosinone-Veroli-Ferentino, Gaeta, Latina-Terracina-Sezze-Priverno, Montecassino, Ostia, Palestrina, Porto-Santa Rufina, Rieti, Sabina-Poggio Mirteto, Subiaco, Tivoli, Velletri-Segni, and Viterbo.

Archbishops like Viganò and Cardinals like Burke, as Bishops incardinated in the Roman Curia have the solemn duty to seek such a council, if their requests for disciplinary action against Spadaro are ignored. — Catholics can petition any of these bishops, or the Apostolic Nuncio in their country (who in most countries is also a Bishop or Archbishop incardinated in the Roman Curia) demanding such action be taken. — Every Catholic has a role here.

Demanding Fr. Spadaro’s correction as well as the denunciation of his blasphemies is a duty more meritorious than going to Mass or adoring the Most Blessed Sacrament, in the present moment, because it is directed directly at the reparation of the offense of the Divine Majesty, without which, if we seek it not, our own prayers are worthless before God.

Here is one of those cases where those who say that they complain 24/7 about Pope Francis being a heretic, would have a workable occasion to use this scandal to call for a provincial council in the Ecclesiastical Province of Rome to denounce Father Spadaro and all those who will not likewise denounce him for such disgusting heresy against God the Son. — If they do not, then they too share in that blasphemy and heresy.

God the Father now is watching!


You can send a message directly or publicly to Father Spadaro via his twitter account at

However, be away that Twitter AI will create an account for a whore, to interact with all who tweet to Fr. Spadaro in a challenging manner. — A clear sign that someone is paying big money to promote him on social media.

USA: Biden regime sentences this woman 11 years in prison, for doing this!

Editor’s Note:  The baby-killing cult continually unmasks itself. In this report, you can read of the insane sentence handed down against 5 prolifers who blocked access to a baby-slaughtering facility in the nation’s capital, and who were sentenced to 11 years in prison for doing the above. The killing of babies has to have a significance much greater than mere human liberty, for the Left, because the clients in this facility were never prevented from having their children chopped to pieces, simply speaking, just delayed. Only if the slaughter had to take place at  a certain day or hour, as in a religious ritual, would such a sentence make sense. And even if it did not, the Judge in this case is telling the world it is that important.

GERMANY: Zombieland, a Documentary on how the Globalists have destroyed the Nation

Editor’s Note: This documentary is in German. It publishes the truth about what has happened in the last 20 years to the cities of Germany which are not overflowing with the victims of drug abuse and immigration. — If you can find a version dubbed or subtitled in any other language, let me know, in the comments below.

The authors of the Documentary propose that what is now happening to Germany is the objective or plan that the Globalists have for the entire West: a post apocalyptic world, where everyone is drugged.

This documentary is a dark, but eloquent testimony to the truth of the Catholic political doctrine, taught and practiced by all the canonized Saints who were Kings and Monarchs, that gross immorality should be publicly outlawed and the things used to perpetrate it banned or restricted, even at times under pain of death.

And English introduction, can be seen here:

Bill Gates has done more to damage the health of Humanity than any other person in history

WHO tested Marburg Pandemic in February; as their bulletin of August 11 indicates

Editor’s Note: It is indeed strange that on August 11, 2023, the WHO published this article on the rare Marburg disease, communicating to the world, that the first outbreak in recent times took place in February of this year. — Attention, clicking the image above takes you directly to the WHO fact sheet on the Marburg Disease and exposes you to being identified by your IP Number.

Dr. Rashid Buttar told the world in May, that the next Plandemic will center around some sort of technology causing the symptoms of 3 different “viruses”, including the Marburg “virus” and that it would be launched no later than August of this year. So far, he is batting 100, since, as of mid August, 1000s of articles began appearing all over the world about the threat of a Covid Variant ‘Eris’ being the cause of a new pandemic lockdown.

GABON: Military Leaders stage coup d’etat, following disputed re-election of President

Editor’s Note: Gabon is located on the west coast of Central Africa at the Equator. It is an oil rich country and a former member of French Equatorial Africa.  In 2022, she joined the Commonwealth of Nations. This coup was staged against the second generational heir to the same family which has ruled the country since 1967. So this coup might be a good thing for the Gabonese citizenry.