22 thoughts on “Check-List to prepare for Next Lockdown, coming soon”

  1. Recently I was talking to the postmaster of a private mailbox company where I now receive my mail. He has been there for 30 years. He says that the police has been so de-funded in our city that there are only 4 police officers on the street in any given day. This is a city of a half million people. He says the city council wants to send social workers instead of police as first responders. I don’t doubt it. Nevertheless, they could do recruitment of forces for a scenario like what you describe. Indeed, your advice is sound. I’m not ready for it, except that we do not have wi-fi or 5G phones in our home, that’s about it. Thank you for this.

  2. A good friend of mine is a stock investor and he says that he anticipates a decline in the stock market starting in October 2023 and ending in May 2024. His expectation is based on technical analysis and many years of experience. This is another data point to confirm what you have been saying these psst few months.

    1. I think you are trying to name, that which in English, in the USA, we call a “radiation detector”. They do not cost much, and yes, it’s worth having if you know how to use it. But if you do, don’t forget to purchase a supply of the proper type of iodine against radiation sickness.

  3. Another thing to think about is to keep all wealth tangible and outside of electronic currencies. If ever we get nuclear war, EMP’s caused by nuclear weapons could wipe out the all electronic currency, internet etc….

  4. You say that we should stop using our mobiles once the next pandemic starts, but then you say that you and AJ will continue to make programs. I assume you imply that we should watch them from a computer. Can you explain why?

  5. Also, you mention that it is best to get an old non electric car. Indeed all new cars are setup with some type of locator in them and can be switched off remotely. Even some older cars have a GPS, but the magnet that acts as the GPS localizer can be removed.

    1. Police can track anything electronic that emits a long distance radio magnetic wave, period, even a 2 g phone, walkie talkie.

  6. We are getting good estimates here, so we may have until end of this August, or latest December, during the peace talks. A month to prepare for water, water filters, water purifiers, and candies ( candies can be eaten in small amounts ).

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