Courageous Priest preaches against Biden’s Blood lust, and is killed days later

His final homily. Rest in eternal glory, Father!

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5 thoughts on “Courageous Priest preaches against Biden’s Blood lust, and is killed days later”

  1. Meanwhile, the CNN distracts us with stories of China golden retriever 🐕 are put in lion 🦁 cages to fool children.

    Internet is being used to purposely dumb down humans. About time to remove browser apps.

  2. Thanks Brother, God works in mysterious ways. How many people will now know of this priest and his good works through his death. I am one.

  3. Pie Jesu Domine,
    dona eis requiem.

    That sure was a powerful homily!
    Sadly, though, a great many pastors of souls feed their flocks on ‘junk food’ as they are scared of being labelled offensive/divisive/protestant-bashing etc etc……

    But the TRUTH has always been divisive, and always will be, until the Second Coming of Our Blessed Lord when “the sheep will be separated from the goats”.

  4. A Saint speaking in lieu of our Lord Jesus Christ, himself. All heaven must be in joy to welcome such as he having a Heart of the Lion of Judea. 💖🦁💖🙏🏻👀🌹👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

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