7 thoughts on “A Look Back on the entire fake persona, known as Barrack Obama”

    1. Yes, I have also read about that. Barry the communist. I have also seen his birth certificate and it did not say Barack Obama born in USA. If it was real of course. So much fakery out there.
      Barack and his trans “wife” Michael.

      I also recently read that the chef who died in that shallow pool accident, even though he was a great swimmer, had his postmortem blood samples “accidentally” destroyed. It was an intern at Massachusetts State Police who accidentally got them destroyed so I guess they will not find out how he really died.

      God bless

  1. It is also funny how Walter Scheib, former chef to Bush and Clintons, also mysteriously died while swimming on a hiking trip in 2015. I guess the presidents chefs get to see and hear more than they are allowed and then have to be terminated.
    God bless

  2. Joan Rivers died mysteriously after revealing the reality of Obamanation being the first homosexual president and Michael AKA Michelle being a tranny. His daughters are adopted…some claim he is the antichrist, I do not know, but this satanist is a demon along with Michael…some say he smells of sulfur….God bless

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