B16 Sedevacantists stage publicity with support of Masonic MSM in Italy

Commentary and Summary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The former Catholics who rode the wave of dissent regarding the non-abdication of Pope Benedict XVI, but who decided to go into schism from the Church of Rome, following the juridically valid election of Pope Francis by the Catholics of the Roman Church, are claiming to be the persons behind the recent stunt, in the skies above of Rome a fortnight ago.

On July 16, 2023, above the beaches of Rome, on the cost of Ostia, a yellow plane carried a long banner saying, “Benedict XVI never abdicated”.

Though the press at the time claimed that Cionci denied having anything to do with it, in the above interview by Radio Radio, the leading Marxist radio channel in Italy, Andrea Cionci, who belongs to a family with strong ties to the Italian Ministry of Defense, admits that the group behind it has informed him, and perpetrated the stunt to support him and the others who deny that there is a valid Pope governing the Roman Church.

This group calls itself Arbitrium, and in their press release read by Cionci in the above interview, the confess their opinion that the Apostolic Throne is in sede vacante. They offer no reason for their opinion, as much as Cionci admits.

However, though the Assembly of Catholics to elect the successor of Pope Benedict XVI according to apostolic right was announced with a press release to more than 100 TV, Radio and Newspapers in the Region of Rome, without any mentioning its advent or outcome, this plane flying over the beach, was covered in the major newspapers of Rome and TV channels, though few could see it clearly or photograph it in broad daylight.

Readers can discern for themselves why the Masonic Main Stream Media is pushing the thesis of Sedevacantism and ignoring that Pope Francis is the Pope. This never happened before his juridically valid election.

Indeed, since that time, he has juridically done nothing to continue his former harm to the Church, and that, in my judgement, is the reason that masonic controlled groups and authors the world-over have begun a more insistent and vicious campaign to misrepresent him and dethrone him, than when he was Anti-Pope.

Arbitrium (Arbitrium.org) is an Italian non profit dedicated to defending the constitutional rights of Italian citizens, which never before this stunt, made any statements in the debate regarding Pope Benedict XVI’s resignation. How funding this airplane stunt will be explained in their annual tax report, remains to be seen, since it has nothing to do with the reason for their legal existence. Their domain name, too, is registered in the U.S.A., not Italy, as most Italian non-profits do.

A lot of food for thought here.

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7 thoughts on “B16 Sedevacantists stage publicity with support of Masonic MSM in Italy”

  1. Maybe Cionci is a mason and Fr Minutella is too and they got into the invalid resignation of Benedict XVI in order to try and control the outcome…..

    1. Personally, I give up. Whatever the truth is God knows. All of this kabuki theater got me tired. Pachamama in the temples of Christ, creeps everywhere, persecution. Soon it will be safer to worship God like Abraham, in our own tents far from all the confusion. I am ashamed. This is a dark hour indeed.

      1. Don’t give up. All this corruption of alot of noise that tests our faith. There are still many workers in the vinyard of the Lord and most of them work in silence.

      2. Go to NO. Worship God there. If the priest gives a Holy Communion in the tongue, you are blessed. If not, walk away and do a Spiritual Communion. And find another priest to go to Mass until you get a Communion in the tongue.

        P.S. this is valid until the next Plandemic since the gestapo are really watching. Probably you will know it is back once the gestapo starts appearing on Church doors.

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