VATICAN Administration under Pope Francis plagued by internecine spying

Editor’s Note: This comes as no surprise to anyone who is aware of the abysmal moral collapse of the Catholic hierarchy and clergy since the French Revolution. One could laugh or cry, it is has become so ridiculous, but both tears and laughs have run out.

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One thought on “VATICAN Administration under Pope Francis plagued by internecine spying”

  1. I have nothing to worry about because I believe in the Eternal Word:
    The Sacraments of the Catholic Church is always available for us, if we humble ourselves and accept it.

    The Holy Mass stands still.

    The Promise of Jesus stands still.

    The Prayer of Jesus over Peter also applies forever to his successors.

    The Promises of the 9 First Fridays or the 5 First Saturdays or the Holy Rosary or the Meditations on the Stations of the Cross or the Meditations on the Seven Sorrows of Mary still holds fast until the end of the world.

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