Nurses & Doctors Danced during Scamdemic, paid handsomely to murder patients

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6 thoughts on “Nurses & Doctors Danced during Scamdemic, paid handsomely to murder patients”

  1. The omerta of the personal of hospitals is one more big problem of all this. To thank them for their silence during the potemkine overcrowded hospitals (and no word on full closed departments, thousands of personals on vacations during the lock down), they were given hundreds of euros per day to prick at an industrial pace all the sheeps afraid of being pulled out their enclosure..

    Bon dimanche.

  2. Everything about CONvid was a lie. Many let these jerks manipulate them into control…not thinking for themselves…it was all about bringing more communism into action…it was about to see what people would do under pressure to get a so called jab that was nothing more than a kill shot connected to bluetooth….La Quinta Columna did an excellent job of exposing that, all credit to them…there is ONE truth and that is JESUS…don’t leave this world without Him…

    1. Yes and it worked, which is the most scarying thing.
      LQC.. problem is that now they say that aliens are the brain of all this.. No comment.

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