Envy, Back-bitting and Gaslighting: how corrupt clergy defend themselves

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

If you have never read the history of the Church, you may be totally unaware that there have been corrupt clergy and bishops from the beginning. Have you heard of Judas Iscariot? or read St Paul’s Letter to the Galatians?

In the writings of the Saints and Fathers of the Church we usually only hear one side of the internecine war of words launched by faithful clergy and unfaithful clergy, in mutual criticism.

But with Pope Francis we have right out in the open a clear record and example of what corrupt clergy think of honest clergymen.

You can read the comments in the article below:

Of course, he has been speaking this way since March of 2013, so this is nothing new. But this is something new, because now he is saying it as Roman Pontiff.

The Lord Jesus gave Pope Francis an extraordinary grace, the change to do his papacy over right the second time. He has had more than 180 days to shape up. But it is clear from his recent interview, that he has totally rejected the tremendous graces the Lord Jesus has offered him as St. Peter’s successor.

Since I believe totally in the words of Christ and His power, and since I know how the Lord has treated anti-popes turned pope in the past, from my reading of papal history, I presage that this interview is the last straw, and that Christ’s patience is now exhausted, on account of its horrible international scandal given to all His priests and all His faithful world wide.

The restoration of the moral order requires that the fidelity to orthodoxy and its necessary union with a life of holiness be vindicated in the public forum.

And that requires and invokes a Divine Intervention.

I won’t be surprised at the outcome, but faithful Catholics have done their all to give this man a second chance.

Finally, I would point out that Bergoglio’s entire fundamental conception of the relation of morality to progress is more akin to Sabbatean ideals, than Christian ones. Because, while it is true that a man knows himself more to be a sinner and in the need of God’s grace, when he sins and learns humility from his fall, it is only licit to pursue such self-knowledge by the perfect and humble observance of the Divine Law, not by transgressing it. — So, I will throw out this question to my readers, “Was someone in the family or lineage of Jorge Mario Bergoglio a Frankist or Sabbatean Jew?” For those who wish to investigate, you can find the basic genealogical information about Pope Francis, here.

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17 thoughts on “Envy, Back-bitting and Gaslighting: how corrupt clergy defend themselves”

  1. The Prophecy of Garabandal did come true. Even in TLM there are corrupt clergy, I guess it made them rich.

    Is being rich a mortal sin for a priest? ( e.g. owning a piece of farm in case he is laicized ).

  2. I am confused. I thought that he had changed and that since he was elected on January 30th 2023, he had actually stopped speaking outright heresy as before?

    1. I do not see anything in that interview that rises to heresy. Error yes, but not heresy. If you had read my editorials, I do not know how you could think as you do.

      1. Thanks… I should paused and reflected a bit before responding. Indeed he does not speak heresy.

  3. What books on Church history would you recommend? Philip Hughes? I have his books on Church in crisis and 1st vol of history. Any others?
    I also bought Against Heresies by Irenaeus thanks to AJ.

    1. Hughes on everything, he is one of the best in English. His 2 vol on the English Reformation is historic.

  4. Chance to change

    John XXIII, Paul VI, JP1 &2, B16, all had their chances. They all had their wake up calls.

    It seems John23 & JP1 heard and heeded it.



    As for Francis, God knows what he needs to repent and only God can give it to him.

    It is never too late to turn to Jesus and Mary. (Let US pray and ASK them.)
    Jesus to Sr. Lucia, Rianjo, Spain, Aug. 19, 1931

    The Immaculate Heart will Triumph.

    Pray and ASK, (word & acronym), Jesus, for much, very much.—Diary of St. Faustina, par 1578

    The Dominican litany to the Virgin Mary helps.


    In vindication of the Holy Obedience due all the Commandments, the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, may God show us His Face and have Mercy on us; may God show us His Countenance and give us Peace. The Lord bless us.
    The Chastisement, the Great Reset, is upon us.


    Blessed be God in His Angels & in His Saints.

  5. The cross of our Lord has already been seen in the heavens in Rome around Jan 25-28?, 2023.

    Saint Louis Montfort, in his meditations on the 30th day says it is the sign that Jesus will come again as Judge.

      1. It was in the sky, pointing to the direction of the place where on Jan. 30, Christ Triumphed when the Catholics of Rome elected his successor. In which hotel, there was a fresco painted some 10+ before, showing St Peter’s Square and a Cross in the sky. It was reported here at FromRome in January of 2023.

        But you won’t find any of these new Sedevacantists mention it, because it was a sign to confound their pride and by rejecting it they have all merited eternal damnation.




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