Mapping the Satanic Network in the Hierarchy: Fr. Guilherme, disk-jockey

Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Yes, there were many scandals at WYD 2023, not the least of which was the use of catering food boxes for pre-Consecrated hosts. Pre-consecrated hosts are always not advisable when the clergy involved might have satanic proclivities since there is no way to know for sure if they are consecrated, and whether to God or Satan.

But after that, one of the more visible scandals was the Disk Jockey priest, who led the music during and after the Masses.

And yes, it is the same priest …

This priest performed at the Castle of Montealegre, where on the 13th of each month, a Satanic party is held. And yes, that is him performing at the high altar for the WYD 2023 Mass pavilion in Lisbon. Though he did not play secular music during the mass, only before and after it. — The only way one could defend this, would be to say that “active participation” as intended by the Second Vatican council means participating in Black Masses. If no one is punished for what just happened, then there is no other conclusion about the corrupt pedophile sect which has been running the Church since then.

Things are bad in the Church, that goes without saying, but the laity cannot simply gawk at this scandal, but start digging. How is it that this priest was chosen to lead the music? Who knows him? Where did they meet? At a bar, a sauna, a Black Mass, a ritual satanic event, of the kind, the name of which for modestly sake, cannot be named?

And, all I can say, is that it does not look like the investigation is going to be able to whitewash this …

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10 thoughts on “Mapping the Satanic Network in the Hierarchy: Fr. Guilherme, disk-jockey”

    1. Clearly, all are participating…After all, this is the ‘Trophy For All’ and NOBODY WINS. Display is all the hoards of souls lining-up for hell warned about at the Virgin’s Apparitions throughout the recent four centuries.

  1. Brother Alexis,

    And your ” clown pope francis” is true pope? Your ego has gotten humongous. Shame on you.
    I admonish you out of charity. I admired you much. Repent for God’s glory.

    1. I admonish you in return to give up the heresy of Donatism, which holds that sinful clergy hold no office in the Church. Put away your protestant error of private judgement and stop telling everyone else in the Church, like some sort of infallible oracle, who is in the Church and who is not. Have some humility, a great virtue in which you are totally lacking. Only then will you be able to admonish anyone in charity, because without humility you have not the foggiest idea of what it is.

      And while you are at it, you can stop with the gaslighting, by which you imitate Bergoglio, and not the holy women of Sacred Scripture. And leave aside the sect of Jansenists, who only want holy men to be their superiors, because they already consider themselves superior to everyone else.

      For in all these sins, you imitate Lucifer, who when he learned that God would become man, rebelled at the thought that he would have to obey an inferior.

  2. I thought I’d seen it all. Wow, how wrong I was. This priest is surely demon oppressed if not possessed. Bent as a nine bob note as we English are wont to exclaim (ten bob notes = pre-decimalisation currency).

    1. That is their choice, they fell on the third temptation of Satan, or probably all three.

      Jesus already gave us in the Gospel of Matthew the correct answers to the three temptations of Satan. Jesus also gave us tips on how to combat our concupiscence by going to a desert spiritually ( physically depriving yourself, like St. Matthias the apostle ).

      Humans have the free will to choose damnation though.

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