98% of new Leprosy patients, came down with it just after getting a DeathVaxx

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8 thoughts on “98% of new Leprosy patients, came down with it just after getting a DeathVaxx”

  1. This plandemic and the aftermath has opened my eyes to the dangers of vaccines in general. What was three vaccines in the 1950’s grew to 72 in the childhood vaccination schedule. The skyrocketing rate of autism should have been a red flag, but anyone who connected it to the MMR vaccine was villified and canceled like Dr. Andrew Wakefield. We have been slow poisoned for decades by our own government. Now they have thrown it into high gear with the Covid “vaccine”. God help us all.

  2. Those sores won’t heal, according to the book of Apocalypse.

    Prepare well for those who will fight the beast this 2023 Plandemic – they will inject you with the Mark of the Beast. Choose to starve or to be martyred rather than get the uncurable sores from the Wrath of God.

  3. Here in France the narrative has begun with the Eris (goddess of discordance) cold variant. Nothing to do with the recent anormal low temperatures never seen in a month of august, of course, nor with the cond’ air (enegery saving? Ah, no..) with no purpose everywhere.
    No chance to hear something about the great return of eradicated illnesses like the leprosis, or malaria, no.
    Let’s enjoy the sun, the life, and being with others, before, indeed, the coming tempest.

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